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The 5 statistics each soldier has governs their effectiveness at various combat actions.

Shooting -Accuracy in shooting. Snipers need 95-100% to be effective

Reaction - How quickly soldiers react to seeing the enemy. The higher the stat the faster they'll react. High reaction are useful when breaching door or laying ambushes.

Stealth - Supposed to reflect how detectable the soldier is when moving and stationary. I've never noticed it having a big impact.

Strength - How much stuff a man can carry. High strength is required to carry anti-tank mines and bazookas.

Endurance - How any shots they can take before dying. Not particularly important provided it isn't too low as you shouldn't be getting shot at a lot.

Selection hints

You'll need at least 1 sniper with 95-100% in shooting. Robert Vanguard, Tony Aiken, Robin 'Hood' Smedley and William 'Spider' Web all make good snipers.

If you need to carry a bazooka or anti-tank mines then you'll need someone with a high strength. Sir Thomas 'Lord Mule' Woolley, John Whintson, Jiri 'Butcher' Trebissky all have 100% in strength.

Need a sneaky scout? Then take Anthony 'Eye' Switcher (100%).

For the rest of the men take people with at least 75% in both shooting and reaction.



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