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Essential Gear

Every man in the team should carry the following at all times:

Pistol w/ 32 rounds - Backup weapon for when you run out of ammo for your main weapon. You should end up using this rarely but it can be a life saver should you run out ammo. (I needed to use the pistol once or twice I think).


2 british Grenades

Useful Weapons

Sten submachine gun w/ 256 rounds - Best general purpose weapon. Unless the man is a sniper or machine gunner he should be carrying one of these or an MP44.

MP44 assault rifle w/ 245 rounds - longer range and higher power make this a better weapon than a submachine gun for short to medium range combat. The faster rate of fire of a submachine gun is preferred for indoor combat.

Lee Enfield Mk4 sniper rifle w/ 40 rounds - A sniper is an essential member of the team for almost all missions. Dedicate a man with 95-100% shooting to sniping.

Bren light machine gun w/ 300 rounds - High rate of fire, long range, high accuracy and high power make this the ideal weapon for eliminating lots of the enemy at medium to long range. The awkwardness of deployment (must be lying down to fire) render it useless for short range and indoor use (except in ambushes when you know which direction the enemy is coming in).

Browning light machine gun w/ 500 rounds - It's heavier than the Bren and the lack of reloading is only required for one of the missions.

British grenades - Timed grenades for clearing out bunkers and rooms.

German grenades - Contact grenades for clearing out trenches and assaulting hills.

Bazooka and panzerfausts - Use to take out tanks and armored cars. Bazookas are lighter if you need to carry 3 or more charges.

Other weapons

There are other weapons such as the MG34 light machine gun and MP40 submachine gun which are slightly different than the ones listed above. Take them if you wish.

Useless weapons

M41 bolt action rifle - low rate of fire and poor accuracy makes this a useless weapon.

ZB26 light machine gun - smaller magazine than the bren and heavier.

Campaign equipment selection

Always use the auto setup button initially. This will ensure you have the correct number of timed bombs etc. Then add any extras you think you need. eg. browning light machine guns, extra binoculars etc. Cameras are useless so don't take any. Take British grenades in preference to German ones as you can always pick up German ones.

(Bug: ammo left behind during a mission without a spare gun tends to go missing. It's a good idea to take an extra Sten and pistol etc.)



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