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Welcome to the TIPS & TACTICS pages

The following pages contain tips for certain missions and very useful tactics for:

Hidden & Dangerous
Fight for Freedom/Devils Bridge.

I would like to thank the following people who helped me construct the Tactics page:

Fugue Most Tactics and Screenshots
Sniper Some tactics and a Screenshot
Ranger Stew Some Screenshots
Trebissky Some Screenshots

The tactics page is not designed to be mission specific, it is mainly to show you how to deal with certain situations that you WILL be confronted with in H&D. We hope you find it useful and informative.


If you are a veteran of Hidden & Dangerous then I am sure you have picked up some useful tips while fighting your way through all the missions, if you would like to share your strategy with others please fill out the submit a tip form below, be sure to include your name.

My tip is


C6 M1

Sneak behind the initial German ambush where they are hidden behind two burning streetcars. This is near the bomb crater. On the roof of the blasted out building is a sniper. Quickly move into his range, wait for him to fire, and press back against the wall. Most times you will see him fall from the roof to the next floor, killing himself.

C3 M1&3 FFF/DB

Don't attempt 'silent kills' , sneaking up and kniving enemies that are "Crouched down", as due to a bug, they'll stay crouched and remain 'invincible/impervious to sheffield steel'. Best tactic to get by this is to either rush them in the last 5 feet and 'hug' them as close as you can! Don't give them space or they will fire, probably ruining your mission.If you are lucky they might 'Stand' and open themselves up for some 'throat-cutting'. Another tactic to try and get them to change posture/position is a bit of distraction.Try using buildings,walls,fences to block their vision of you , but get close enough so they can hear you. With a bit of 'noise making'(your character shuffling back and forth behind cover), you should provoke them into a reaction where you can 'jump' them when they come investigating. Try it, its fun!. -2horse


At the start of the mission walk back to the invisble wall, turn round then step left till you reach the point where the snow meets the road. Lie down then crawl backwards so your legs move through the wall. Without moving from the spot kneel up and turn 180 degrees. Stand up and you should now be able to reach the waiting Tiger tank, makes clearing the camp easy. -Maj Tom

C1M4 and other open air daylight missions

Take the Soldier Robert Vangaurd, equip him with a regular rifle and plenty of amunition. He's an absolute killer if you leave him on his own. He see's an enamy and plugs them, If he has the rifle he'll usually do it in one shot.
In C1M4 I had him and a guy with Bren up on the hill overlooking the village. I sent a guy into the village and watched the 2 guys on the hill take out every one of the charging Germans. -Captain Darling


Take a squad mate with you and run along the stream until you get near the steps, crawl reasonably close to the steps (not in view of the top of the steps) and have your squad mate cover the direction of the steps. When you are ready fire 1 shot, the enemy come rushing down the steps and straight into your line of sight, its like shooting ducks in a barrel. - Mack

C3M5 (Driving Mission)

Takes a bit of practice, but my favourite trick is to lay a timebomb on to of the tank which goes past you right at the start of the mission, you have to climb onto the armoured trucks bonnet, then jump onto the tank as it goes past, set the timer to max (1:30) then when it gets to its planned destination... BOOM! killing quite a few men!
-Simon Matthews




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