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This page has been put together by fans of the game and is in no way endorsed by illusionsoftworks. All remedies on this page have been found by a trial and error process after many hours playing the game.

The remedies all seem to make a significant improvement in game performance but we accept no responsibility for any damage caused by using any of the information displayed on this page. You use it at your own risk.

If after reading this guide you still have problems email illusionsoftworks tech support here

If you are having trouble with Hidden and Dangerous or Fight for Freedom please try all of the remedies below.

Please not that Windows 2000 is widley considered to be an unstable platform for games, the most stable seems to be Win 98 ME. So if you are running WIN2K the following remedies may not help.

Click on the problem

Post your problem on our forum a reply will be given very soon.

If you are experiencing sluggish performance please try the following remedies:

1. Make sure you have at least 100megabytes of free hard drive space available

2. Dissable all Unnecessary programs in your start bar: press crtl+alt+del and this will bring up a list of all programs that are running. You can end task any programs not needed such as:
a) Any antivirus program (reactivate after your game)
b) Findfast (this program can cause alot of harddrive activity)
c) OSA

3. Exit the game and shut down your computer for 30 seconds (do not select restart). After 30 seconds swich on your computer and this will clear all your memory and free up much needed resources. Do not forget to follow step 2 again once it restarts.

4. If you think your Graphics Card my be faulty test it out with this excellent benchmark software, its call 3-Dmark2000 Get it here

If your game keeps crashing try the following remedies.

1. Check that your graphics card has the latest drivers installed.

2. Make sure you have the final H&D patch installed grab it here

3. Check that your drivers are dirextX certified: To do this follow these instructions:-

Open the directx folder (usually found in c:\program files\directx
then open the setup folder and double click the DxDiag.exe then follow all on screen instructions.

4. Also try turning off or down your hardware acceleration, this is located in multimedia section of control panel, then advanced properties for playback and recording.

5. Also try running you windows desktop resolution the same as your game resolution.

If you are having trouble connecting in a multiplayer game try the following remedies:

1. Read our multiplayer set up guide (do this first)

2. Make sure you have the correct ip address (click start, then click run and type winipcfg ind hit return, this will display all the info about your connection.

3. If you are hosting make sure you wait plenty of time for the other players to join, it can take up to 3 mins.

If after completing a mission the screen Greys out or goes black but the game is still running try the following remedies: (this usually happens with Nvidia based video Cards.)

1. Update to the latest drivers, we have tested the following drivers and both are compatible with H&D. These are Win9x drivers.

Sound Problems, my sound is crackled and distorted, this usually happens if you have used alt+tab to return to desktop then back again, remedies:

1. The only solution for any sound problem that occurs in mid game is to exit game and restart your computer.

2. Dissable or turn down your hardware acceleration on your sound card, here is how:
Open the directx folder (usually found in c:\program files\directx
then open the setup folder and double click the DxDiag.exe click the sound tab and move the slider for hardware sound acceleration level all the way to the left. Then try the game again, if the sound is working fine repeat the above step but this time move the slider right one notch and retry, e.t.c.

My Soldier keeps running in Circles! Remedies:

1. You probably have a joystick connected to your computer, the best way to fix the problem is to disable it. Here is how you do it:
Click start/settings/control panel.......then double click system......then click device manager the +next to sound,video & game on the joystic or game controller and select disable and then ok. Be sure to enable it after your game.

CD not recognised

1. Some older Cd drives can not access a CDRom that has copy protection, try contacting your CD manufacturer and ask for the latest drivers.

When I try to install the game it keeps crashing or the game will not run. Remedies:

1. Make sure you have totally uninstalled the demo before you attempt to install the full game, even delete the folder in the take2 directory, then reinstall the full game.





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