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Multiplayer Guide

Right, first thing to mention is that I, and all the people I play H&D online with use ICQ to set up who's playing and transfer ip addresses for TCP/IP connection. ICQ is a chat program which allows you to send messages to other people who have the program and are online. Download the program at you would prefer to use or one of the gaming sites for games then we can find out about it for you. Just let us know.

Step 1

Arrange a time to meet using the multiplayer message board on this site.

Decide who is going to host. Ideally, someone who experiences the least problems or has experience in the multiplayer gaming in H&D should do this to save time - H&D has a LOT of problems in multiplayer. Also someone with a savegame in multiplayer is good plan unless you are starting from scratch.

Everyone should start H&D or FFF (whichever you have decided to play) and wait until the main menu comes up …. Then hold Ctrl and press Escape. This brings you out of the game and back to the windows desktop.

Step 2

This is what the host should do.
The host of the game needs to find his IP address for the game. Go to Start>Find>Files or Folders> then do a search for winipcfg.exe.

Next the host should give his ip to the other 1 to 3 players. The ip number should look something like this:- IMPORTANT - All the rest of the players should write this down on a piece of paper - don't forget!

The host should then go and set up the game in H&D or FFF -> Do this by going to Network in the menu and then to settings. Change the top option by clicking on it to "Internet TCP/IP Connection" and make sure there is no ip already in place below it. Underneath that type in a name for yourself. Press escape to go back to the main network menu.

The host should then come out of the game (with ctrl + escape) and once again using icq, tell the players that the game will be set up in a few seconds. Then disconnect from icq - this is important, it can ruin games. Next, the host should go back into H&D and press Connect, then Host game and create a new game as you would in single player unless you are using a multiplayer savegame - then just simply wait - you should be on a screen saying "waiting for other players…"

Step 3

This is what the clients should do.
Once the host has given you his ip number get straight into H&D and click Network game>Settings. Here, you need to click through the first option to make it read "Internet TCP/IP connection".

The next option below that is data. Here is where you type the ip number that the host gave you that you wrote down - double check it then you type it in!

Then below that type a name for yourself to be seen in the game. Press escape to get back to the network menu screen - then Press Ctrl +Escape to wait for the next ICQ message from the host.

When you receive the message saying it is nearly set up disconnect from icq and go back into H&D. Then with a bit of luck it should give you an option to "Join ". Click it and don't panic if screen goes blank here, be patient. Wait for all players to arrive before the host should click "begin game".

We hope this will help you get together for some good multiplayer action, If you still have problems contact me (Sniper) and I will do my best to sort it out for you.



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