Name: Day Of Defeat (Half-life TC)
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Price: Free Download
Min System Spec: P166 32mb Ram 3-D Card
Recommended System Spec: PIII400 128Ram 16mb 3-D card
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Reviewed By: Ranger Stew


The best thing Valve did when it released Half-Life was to release with Worldcraft; the very program that was used to create it. Since then, a host of mods have been created. Most of the mods aren't too hot, but a few like Team Fortress Classic and Counterstrike have hit it big. A few weeks ago, Beta 1.0 of a new mod named Day of Defeat was released. This is a fast paced mod letting players take on the role of German or American soldiers in the low down and dirty infantry combat of World War II. So far the Day of Defeat is a purely multiplayer game but there has been word of a single player game later on.

In Beta 1.0 of DoD, there are four classes of players for each team.


Light Infantry: M-1 Garand, Colt 1911, knife, and two frags.

Assault Infantry: M1A1 Thompson SMG, Colt 1911, knife, and one frag.

Sniper: 1903 Springfield w/scope, Colt 1911, and knife.

Heavy Weapons: BAR, Colt 1911, knife, and one frag.


Leicht Infanterie: Kar98k, Luger, knife, and five potato mashers.

Sturm Truppen: MP40, Luger, knife, and one potato masher.

Sniper: Gewehr 43 w/scope, Luger, and knife.

Heavy Weapons: MP44, Luger, knife, and one potato masher.

Ten maps were included in the beta, but several others have already been made. Six of the maps are domination maps, the other four being demolition maps. Most of the maps are pretty big, and all have relatively simple goals. There are two beach assault missions so far: Omaha and VN61. Both of these have the same basic goal of fighting past beach defenses to reach big artillery pieces that are a little ways inland, and blowing them with TNT. The goal of the domination maps is to gain and keep control of several points throughout the map.

The creators of this mod attempted to create an atmosphere of tense infantry combat, and they did a very fine job. The sound effects are superb, especially on the beach assault missions. They also paid extreme attention to detail when it came to the weapons. DOD has the most realistic and accurate weapons on any WWII game I have ever played. Not only did they do their homework in the area of graphic details but also in sounds and in effect. For instance, in real life the M-1 Garand makes a loud metallic "chinking" sound when its eight round magazine has been ejected. The sound is recreated almost perfectly in the game. It also takes a realistic amount of time reloading a weapon. If the weapon is bolt-action, then after every shot, you can see the player model pull the bolt to the rear and push it back to chamber another round. Players using a bolt-action rifle really need to insure that every shot counts because if they miss, the target has plenty of time to escape or to do them in.

The Hud for each player contains a transparent icon of the individual weapons magazines so you can see how many rounds you have left. Each player starts with 4 magazines for the main weapon and three for the pistol. Unfortunately there is no ammo resupply in Beta 1.0. There is also a small icon of a running soldier surrounded by a circular bar which is divided into six sections(see pics). This is the stamina bar. Each time a player jumps he loses 2 of the bar sections. When the player has none left he will no longer be able to jump very high at all and his movement will be extremely(but temporarily) slowed. To regain your stamina, or energy, back you must stand still. If you crouch you will regain it quickly. If you go into the prone position, it will come back even more quickly. Yes, players can go into the prone position and crawl around. This is one of the great things about this mod. Snipers were always somewhat inconvenienced in TFC and CS because they could not go prone. Players using the Heavy Weapons soldiers will also notice that firing the BAR or MP44 takes uses up some stamina also so don't expect to go running across the street firing away and then be able to make a full jump over a pile of ruble. There is also a transparent icon of a soldier standing still in the lower left hand corner. This is the health meter. In some cases, a soldier is hit so bad that a small drop of blood appears next to the health meter. This means that the player is bleeding extremely bad and has a very short amount of time to live unless he stops the bleeding, which can by done by pushing the "stopbleed" key. While you are patching yourself back up though, you cannot fire or reload your weapon for five seconds.

The overall graphics on each map are pretty good. The best maps so far when it comes to graphics are Omaha, the Valley, and Caen(my personal opinion). If you have seen Saving Private Ryan then Omaha(beach assault) and Caen(large decimated town) will be very familiar. The creators of DoD did a wonderful job recreating the landscape of wartorn Europe.

The player model graphics are fairly decent. This is just Beta 1.0 so it will most likely get much better. The Allied uniforms are pretty much the same for each player. The Axis uniforms differ slightly from class to class. The Leicht Infanterie and the Sturm Truppen wear the regular gray German uniform while the snipers and heavy weapons soldiers where the German camoflauged jacket with gray trousers.

New maps are being created already by the mod creators themselves and by other DoD enthusiast.

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Reviewed on
Windows 98
PentiumIII 500
64mb Ram
Voodoo3 2000 AGP DirectX 8.0

How it Performed
Game ran perfectly at resolutions up to 1024x768,16 bit colour, the only problems were lag with my 56k modem


Reviewers Comment
It was outstanding for a beta 1.0 release, one of best betas ever, it had me hooked from the second I began to play.


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