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We would like to thank Michal Bacik a former programmer of Hidden and Dangerous and now founder of Lonely Cat Games for taking the time to answer these questions

Mack: Atlantica will support many multiplayer features including DM, CW coop and many more. Will the cooperative game allow the 4 players to play all the campaigns like in H&D or will it be specially constructed coop missions?

MB Coop missions should also be played in the multiplayer mode, although probably not with four players, but rather only two or three. There're not going to be special coop missions for multiplayer, just the ones with main game story.

Mack: Is Atlantica more of a Quake style shootem up or is it more tactical like H&D?

MB We plan to include logical tasks, communication with NPCs, interactivity with environment, and solving occasional tasks, so Atlantica won't be a pure shooter. To answer your question, Atlantica will be closer to H&D style of game than to Quake or other shooters.

Mack: No game that I have ever played manages to create the brilliant atmosphere of H&D, how do you think Atlantica will fair for atmosphere?

MB Hopefully we can put similar atmosphere into the Atlantica too. It depends on many factors - graphics, lighting, sound, feel of the game. We'll see how we can combine these elements again.

Mack: The maps are spherical in shape, how will this effect gameplay, why are they this shape?

MB There's approx one half of missions placed on spherical worlds, the other half are classic planar. We hope this will be interesting change during the game play, and we like the idea of world which may be completely explored without coming to a border of a mission. Spherical worlds also bring something new to game play - shortcuts, different horizon (withouth cutting it in distance), etc.

Mack: The insanity engine that was used in H&D had many bugs, have thise problems been fixed in the new Insanity2 engine?

MB Bugs are evil and we fight them constantly. The stress during the development of H&D1 was really big, the team was young and development time was too short. Also, there was only one programmer on H&D1, so it was impossible to make absolutely perfect game in all aspects. I hope we have learned from the making H&D and know much more now about how to make bug-free and interesting games.

Mack: Do you think this game will appeal to the H&D community?

MB If we have strategy and tactics in our blood and can bring it into our new game, we hope H&D fans will love Atlantica too. Although the game won't feature things about WWII, like specific weapons or vehicles (this is stuff I think many players love on H&D), but on the other hand, Atlantica will offer stealth mode, smart enemies, hunting, traps, and other cool stuff.


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