More information regarding Hidden & Dangerous 2

The Story

We know the leading character of the game is Major Gary Bristol of the (SSB - Special Service Brigade). Who because of his great success rate in planning covert operations against the Germans has become a target himself. He must fight for his life against both the Germans and allied traitors. Although the game revolves around a main character (Major Gary Bristol) you can still exercise full control over the rest of your commando team juts like in H&D1. The main difference is that Gary Bristol must survive each mission or its game over. (that should add plenty of caution into the game)


We know that H&D2 will be using the LS3D game engine, the same engine that is being used on Mafia, from what we have seen of the mafia movie its got great potential. One of the main changes with the player control will be the "Action" key. This key when pressed will make your player carry out an appropriate action on what ever object you are pointing at e.g. If you point at a window and press "Action" your player will crawl through the window (no more lining yourself up then jumping and trying to hit the crouch button in mid air so you land in the small window frame).

The Game

The mission structure will probably revolve around 23 missions linearly tied by the story however there will be times when the player has to make a decision about what mission he wants to go on etc. You can expect to visit England, Normandy, Africa, Burma, The Alps, Norway and Bohemia.


The multiplaying side of H&D2 looks set to be amazing, firstly co-op play will be the same as in H&D1, you can complete the whole game in multiplayer over either a L.A.N. or the internet. Other classic multiplayer games are set to make an appearance on H&D2 such as team deathmatch, deathmatch and Capture the flag. New styles of are also to be implemented based on stealth.

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