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Hidden and Dangerous Links
Official Sites
Hidden and Dangerous 2 Fansites
Hidden and Dangerous 1 Fansites
Hidden and Dangerous Editing Sites

Other Links
Wargame Sites
Other Game Sites
Game News Sites
Game Shops / retailers
World War II Sites


Site Name
H&D creators - software company
Official Hidden & Dangerous site
Games developer and publisher
Developer, marketer, publisher & distributor
The UK website of Take2 Interactive

Hidden and Dangerous 2 Sites

Hidden & Dangerous 1 Sites
One of the first ever H&D sites, rarely updated now though.
A German Hidden & Dangerous site
Nice site plenty of links.
A Dutch H&D site

Hidden and Dangerous Editing
An excellent site to learn about editing H&D
Has an editor to D/L and a good gallery
An excellent H&D editing site
programming site. Has H&D Section

WarGame Sites
A very good Operation Flashpoint Site.
An Allied Assault Fan Site.
A German Battlefield 1942 website
A Huge Soldier of Fortune site, covers SOF2
Nice looking RTCW Fan Site
Everything you neeed on Commandos 2

Other Game Sites
Makers of H&D1 Insanity Engine
The best looking Mafia site around

Game News Sites
Has a H&D2 section
A site dedicated to the FPS. section
A great game resource site section
A huge game resource site
Another Huge game resource site

Game Shops
See if your game is in stock
See if your game is in stock
Another good on-line Game shop

World War II Sites
The site that provided the intro Photo's
Excellent site very information rich
A very good Axis WWII Site
Another good Axis WWII Site
A great WWII search site




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