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22 Dec 2001  2 Funny Movies
20 Dec 2001  Weekly News
13 Dec 2001  Our Wolfenstein Review
13 Dec 2001  Weekly news
13 Dec 2001  Allied Assault demo tonight
11 Dec 2001  Motion Capture
07 Dec 2001  Competition Winner
06 Dec 2001  Upgraded News Page
06 Dec 2001  Weekly News
2 Funny Movies Sat 22 December 2001   Comments: 1
I have uploaded 2 funny movies so you can have a laugh over the holidays. The first one is a must download for any parents out there, it's shows a baby scan with a difference, very funny. It can be found here

The second movie was sent to me by Jonas Skottheim from the H&D2 clan Legioniers of Sweden It shows a clan battle from RTCW with a difference, the difference being...well I don't want to spoil it but it's worth the download, I personally have never seen anything like it before. Grab it here

Post by Mack

Weekly News Thu 20 December 2001   Comments: 5

Gamespy poll.
Operation Flashpoint has scooped Gamespy’s GOTY poll with several others in our own poll doing well, if you haven’t already voted please vote for Max Payne, er I mean please vote : )

Mafia screenshots.
Italian site have posted 5 exclusive screenshots of Illusion Softworks 1930’s 3rd person shooter due out next month (we hope), well worth a look just to see the amazing interiors! Check them out here

Global Operations.
ToTheGame have posted a whole batch of weapon renders from this multiplayer 1st person shooter, more details about the game can also be found on the page here

Thanks to Erik Johansen for the link.

Allied Assault.
News sites are reporting the game has gone gold although there is still no confirmation, after a decidedly mixed response to the demo EA’s official forums have been taken off line, on a more positive note plenty of mods are being released details of which can be found on Allied


Post by Fugue

Our Wolfenstein Review Thu 13 December 2001   Comments: 0

Our Return To Castle Wolfenstein review has just been posted. As always the review is very in depth, it has all new screenshots and is compiled from a Hidden and Dangerous fans viewpoint. So if you are pondering over whether to buy this game, read our review for another opinion.

Post by Mack

Weekly news Thu 13 December 2001   Comments: 0

Delta force for PSX2.
Novalogic have confirmed that a game in the Delta Force series will be making an appearance on Sony’s Playstation 2 next year. To celebrate the announcement a few screenshots have been released here

Microsoft bids for Take2?
Lots of speculation this week about Microsoft’s plans to build on the successful launch of the Xbox console by bidding for one of the big players in the gaming industry, this is still very much a rumour but then that’s what they said about God games going under. For the business minded fans the press report can be found here

Conflict Desert Storm.
Czech site Bonusweb have posted some new screens from Pivotal games Gulf War shooter Conflict Desert Storm, these look like some of the console version screens released recently on Eurogamer, one seems to show a split screen multiplayer mode. The gallery can be found here

Bravo Two Zero author to make games.
Andy McNab has signed a deal with Rage Software to work on a series of military games, no details have been released yet but some sort of link to the SAS seems very likely. When the now very successful author left the regiment in 1993, he was the British army's most highly decorated soldier. The press release is available here

Project IGI 2: Mercenary Force.
Gamespy have posted a preview of IGI 2 which is due to ship in Q2 2002, Codemasters David Solari reveals details on the games AI, Multiplayer features and an a nifty new save game idea to keep the game challenging. The full article is available here

Source: Tothegame

Allied Assault.
One of the most anticipated games this year will be available in a playable form this Friday as EA have confirmed the multiplayer demo will be released as planned. To mark the event games sites have gone Medal Of Honor mad and posted all sorts of details about the game.






Last but not least the official site has updated news about exactly what will be in the demo. Fileplanet have exclusive rights to the demo on its release so expect a long wait to get your hands on it, as soon as we have found some faster mirrors we will post them on the news page.

Those busy people at Pcign have posted a hands on impression of Illusion Softworks other big title in the works Mafia: La Cosa Nostra (not City of Lost Heaven which was dropped some tine ago), they were obviously very impressed and hope to have another preview available soon. All the details can be found here

Source: Bluesnews

Post by Fugue

Allied Assault demo tonight Thu 13 December 2001   Comments: 15

According to Allied the 130mb mutliplayer demo may be available tonight, morning to be exact. If all goes well it could be released around 2am Central Time, which would put it at about 8 am in the UK.

Update: The demo is out but not surprisingly the mirrors are a little slow :) check out Allied for dl links.

Post by Fugue

Motion Capture Tue 11 December 2001   Comments: 3

Czech site Doupe have posted a report (In Czech) from Illusions Motionstar studio which has been used for Mafia And H&D2. Included are a batch of photos showing mock ups of vehicles and an M16, not exactly 1930's or WW2!

The full article can be found here

Post by Fugue

Competition Winner Fri 07 December 2001   Comments: 1

Congratulations to Bob Walters
who has won the first forum quiz, a brand new copy of "A Bridge too far" will be winging its way to you asap.

Next up for grabs will be two books, to get you in the mood for H&D2 will be "Sabotage and Subversion" by Ian Dear which covers the exploits of the SOE and OSS in WW2. Plus "The greatest raid of all" by C.E. Lucas Phillips, a gripping story of the raid on the St Nazaire dock by Commandos and HMS Campbeltown which rammed the lock gates. The new quiz will be running on the forum soon.

Post by Fugue

Upgraded News Page Thu 06 December 2001   Comments: 12

As you can see we have upgraded the news page and added some new features such as the comments script. This script allows you to comment directly on the different news items that are posted, as allways please use the news script sensibly, strictly no hamster posts ya hear that DMuck & lundy. :)

We have had to delete the pervious news but it can still be accessed in the news archives

Will all webmaster update the links from

to the new

Also if anyone finds a link to the old news page will you please report it, thanks.

Post by Mack

Weekly News Thu 06 December 2001   Comments: 6

Allied Assault.
The official site has been updated with news of the confirmed release dates, they are 22nd Jan 2002 in the US and 1st Feb for Europe, details about the demo can be found here

Belgian site SpelletjesGarnaal has posted a 10mb movie taken from a press build they received from EA. It features 6 minutes of footage from a level not seen on the official site movie series complete with amusing commentary : ), and can be found here

Source: Bluesnews

IGI 2: Covert Strike.
Gamespot UK have posted a very detailed preview of Innerloops sequel which according to the article will be available around the middle of next year, it includes a Q&A with Codemasters James Brown and Gamespots usual extensive gallery of screenshots. All the details can be found here

Also Gaminggroove have a brief description of the game including 5-concept art and 5 in game screenshots.

Source: ToTheGame

Deadly Dozen.
According to a post on developers nFusion official forum, Infogrames are planning on a European release, according to the PR people it should be available in early 2002.

Post by Fugue

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