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Both Fugue and myself agreed that we should write this report as it happened, we try our best to convey our initial reactions to everything we saw, by doing this it will give you a much better insight into just how good this game is shaping up to be.

So what is this all about? Well at 11:00am on the 4th April 2001 two "old warriors" (Mack & Fugue) arrived in a very cold and wet Windsor, sometime home of the royal family and UK headquarters of Take2 Interactive. We have been scouring the net for anything H&D2 since August last year; here we were about to see the game in action.

Our first mission objective was to find Take2's offices, with a very badly printed out map of central Windsor we managed to navigate to the right street with no problems. But the Take2 building was no where in sight! Mack phoned AM (Andrew Morley H&D2 UK Producer) we turned round and sped back out of Windsor only to discover we were in the right place before hand, and had turned round right outside the very building we were looking for. We backtracked and parked up in a multi-storey car park.

By now we were both bursting for the toilet, not wanting our first question to be "can we use your toilets?" we set off in the rain to find some in Windsor. 20 minutes later we found relief. (Only to discover on our return to the car there were some in our car park, DOH!) Cold and wet we finally arrived and were met by AM and shown into a spacious room packed with hardware of all shapes and sizes.

At this point I think we were both still pinching ourselves expecting to wake up at any moment, in front of us were two PC's with several H&D2 icons on the screens. What followed was about two hours of our jaws touching the floor; we can honestly say what we saw was easily the most incredible looking game either of us had ever seen. Unsurpassed animations, stunning locations, silky smooth frame rates, in short every H&D fans dreams come true.

We have tried to include everything from our time with Andrew Morley in the report. What you will get is a fans eye view of exactly what we saw, we really were completely stunned and hope that comes across. Please excuse our ramblings and raves, including our "personal" thoughts at the time, it was the best way to get across what appeared in front of us.

Remember this is early code we were viewing and many details could change before the final release. We hope to be able visit Take2 again sometime after E3 in May to see how far things have progressed and check out the new code, in the meantime read on and enjoy our exclusive first look at H&D2 in action.



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