Back in the days when H&D2 screens could be counted on the fingers of one hand two of the original H&D team Michal Bacik and Radek Bouzek left Illusion Softworks and formed Lonely Cat Games. They took the rights to the original Insanity engine with them and the enhanced version Insanity2.

Their first project "Atlantica" looks very impressive, but they have been keeping another project very secret. A few screenshots of H&D running on the enhanced engine looked pretty good, they clearly saw some potential and now have announced a completely new version of what is still one of the finest WW2 games around, Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe.

The new game will feature the original game combined with the add-on "Fight for Freedom" / "Devils bridge" making a whopping 32 missions. Using what is now called the Insanity3d engine the game will feature a long list of improvements, enhancements and most important bug fixes! and an Editor.

All the latest windows versions will be supported along with modern, faster graphics cards taking advantage of those advanced features. This is sure to appeal to anyone who is a fan of the original games. The game is due for general release on March 15th.

  • The original game plus AddOn Fight For Freedom in a completely revised engine.
  • Improved Gameplay with dozens of new features
  • An editor for own missions, which can be exchanged over the Internet with other players
  • Shadow and lighting in real time
  • Environmental & Bump Mapping for improved graphics
  • Improved gameplay stability as well as improved performance
  • Speech transmission with Internet play
  • Support of the newest generation of graphic cards and the new DirectX feature.



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