H&D2 in March? Well it made us very happy to think we would get our hands on the game early next year, but if Take2's UK website is to be believed that release list is already a month out, so its H&D2 in April. As usual the early release lists that find their way onto the net are a little optimistic. A new feature has been added this week, which we hope will help us pay the site/forum fees.The only other alternative is to get the site hosted by a network which means adverts on every page, something we are trying to avoid. The link to the online shops will hopefully help us cover some, if not all of the costs.

We are not sure what is happening about a second visit after some recent changes at Take2, hopefully we will get some news on that soon. The UK Take site has a club opening soon that will apparently allow you to order game demos on CD, an excellent idea for those of us with 56k modems who frequently get corrupted downloads after spending 6+ hours waiting for it. As soon as this is launched we will post it on the news page.

Deadly Dozen

This game is causing me a huge problem, lack of sleep. I haven't enjoyed a tactical shooter as much as this since H&D was released over two years ago, it's not everyone's cup of tea but for tension, atmosphere and great gameplay it takes some beating. A second patch should be available this week that will fix a few bugs and make the game a little less frustrating.

Hopefully the patch wont make the enemy less of a challenge, its what really sets this game apart from so many others and although it can seem impossible at times the learning curve is spot on. In many ways it's more a sneak-em up than shooter, and requires a different approach to most FPS. The developers are still deciding whether to release editing tools, a blood patch should be available soon.

Although nFusion aren't saying much about what comes next they have hinted at another WW2 game, with multiplayer and a prone stance option which most DD fans think should have been included. There is still no word from publishers Infogrames about a European release.

If you live outside the USA and want a copy of Deadly Dozen, you can have it imported by clicking the link below:

Buy for outside USA

Allied Assault

It now looks like there will be two demos, the first will probably be a multiplayer test like Wolfenstein with a single player version to follow, some reports suggest both could be available next month. Recent previews have raved about the game and it certainly looks set to be one of next year's biggest sellers.

Several games next year will be aiming for the ultimate in realism, and the team behind Allied Assault have certainly gone to great lengths to make sure it has a genuine WW2 feel. The games military advisor Captain Dale Dye put some of the developers through their paces at a training camp, something he insists on when working with actors in films such as Saving Private Ryan and Platoon.

It will be doing battle with H&D2 for the title of most realistic game, without wishing to sound too biased I think H&D2 will take some beating in terms of realism. Having no health pick ups is what made the first game so good, every mistake often meant being riddled with bullets. Although we are still not sure how a medic system will work in H&D2 I for one hope Illusion keep the same idea as the original

Project IGI 2: Covert Strike.

More details on Innerloops sequel to one of the best stealth shooters released in the last few years. Two things that made the first game so tricky, the lack of save game and respawn points will not be making an appearance in part two. The recent screenshots don't seem to show much in the way of enhanced graphics over the original but the multiplayer options and improved AI alone will make this a must have for FPS fans.

Conflict Desert Storm.

This multi format squad based shooter could well be the closest thing to H&D modern battles. (If Illusion decide not to continue the series ) Like Max Payne and Mafia it's also another 3rd person only game that is looking very nice. According to one site the game is still heavily in development and there has been no news of a possible release date, definitely one to look out for next year.




Allied Assault
Deadly Dozen
Desert Storm


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