About Blackwatch

The Black Watch squad is named after the famous Highland regiment of the British army that was formed in 1725. Their task was to watch over and maintain law and order in the Highlands after the first Jacobite Rebellion in 1715. In the early days due to a combination of their role and the very dark tartan which they wore they became known as The Black Watch; this name has remained.

The Red Hackle was worn from the 1770's, and in 1821 an Army Order was issued giving The Black Watch sole right to wear it, which they do to this day


During WW 1 a soldier from the Black watch was shot over 20 times as he charged a German trench, he still made it to the trench, his adrenaline was so high he never even realised he had been shot. When he reached the enemy trench a fellow soldier told him he was covered in blood, he died as soon as he saw the extent of his injuries, some say he died of shock.

Another amazing story was when the British were about to go over the top to almost certain death in WW1, morale was at an all time low and many of the lads were frozen in fear. A piper from the Black Watch decided to climb out of the trenches and walk all the way along the top playing "Scotland the brave", this lifted the spirits of the whole regiment, they all went over the top to glory, without hesitation.