Europe Ops
Thursday 05th July 2001

2We have just missed the start of Europe Ops but we hope to join in the next one, hopefully Fight for freedom/Devils Bridge. I will post news on this as soon as I have it.

Flashpoint multiplayer was a big let down if you have a modem (like all of us). A new patch is due out that may fix this problem, again I will keep you posted.

Clan Disbands
Thursday 21st June 2001

2 relatively new H&D2 clans have disbanded so soon after forming up. The desert rats and the SAS have closed down due to lack of interest. We know that H&D2 is still along way from being released but Flashpoint comes out tomorrow and Strikeforce 1.60 is already out. We hope the other H&D2 clans will keep going and maybe turn to Flashpoint until the King of games (H&D2) arrives.

Flashpoint is not released in USA until September, but we hope that the US H&D2 clans will keep going until this release.

Recruiting Troops
Monday 18th June 2001

Now that the web site is up and running we are recruiting troops for the many battles ahead. We already know of 3 strong clans that need a good kicking
Nordic Fighters (I love kicking Viking butt)

So if you fancy mixing it with the best, head over to the join up page.

Rushing to finish Site
Friday 15th June 2001

Welcome to the BLACK WATCH clan site. We are based in the United Kingdom and take the name from the notorious Scottish "Black watch" Regiment.

We have a mixture of seasoned Hidden and dangerous, Quake 2, Unreal Tournament and Strikeforce veterans, all eager to kick some ass, and we hope to be kicking yours soon.