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29/09 Flashpoint Game Guide
28/09 Other Game News
27/09 New poll request from Illusion
26/09 H&D2 lead Designer leaves
25/09 News From The Front Uploaded
20/09 Game Delays and other news.
14/09 News Roundup
10/09 H&D2, Commandos 2 & Allied Assault
10/09 News From The Front Uploaded
09/09 H&D2 in PCGamer
07/09 News Roundup
02/09 Allied Assault Delay News

Flashpoint Game Guide
Saturday 29th September 2001

Gamespot have produced a fantastic game guide for Operation Flashpoint, whether you have completed the game or not this guide will be very useful, it contains all of the following sections:

  • Boot Camp: Operation Flashpoint is a challenging game. Before heading into the campaign or multiplayer game, proceed to boot camp for some general strategies--including combat, mission tactics, vehicles, multiplayer, and command tips--to get you started on the right track.
  • Weapons: This section lists Operation Flashpoint's significant weaponry and explosives and offers a description of and statistics for each.
  • Campaign Walk-Through: This section covers all single-player campaign missions, including briefings, objectives, and possible solutions.
  • Cheats: Need a way to beat the system? Check here for a few Operation Flashpoint cheats, including unlocking all the single-player missions and unlimited save games.

Thanks to Lars from Dutch H&D site for the heads up.


Other Game news.
Friday 28th September 2001

Commandos 2.

The wait is finally over, the game will be in stores today after a long series of delays and last minute set backs. Still no news on the demo though, after both a US and Euro release it is likely to be available fairly soon.

Gamespot UK have put up some more screenshots to add to their already bulging gallery here… And Gamespy have posted a very in depth look at Pyro's sequel, they are very positive about the game in its conclusion, well worth a read for anyone undecided about this one.

Allied Assault.

Another movie, though this time released earlier this week by Gamespot who obviously couldn't wait to get the footage out. Updates on the official site this week also include details on the M1 Garand and the GMC Truck.

PCZone have posted their own 13 page hands on preview, included are the usual batch of repeated screenshots but it makes very interesting reading, check out the sites preview section for the details…

Callsign Charlie.

An interview on a French site (with English translation) with this Vietnam shooter's designer includes some interesting questions. Apparently originally planned as a 2D RTS this game has transformed into a very impressive looking 3D shooter that will require a monster of a PC to run it. Included is a batch of screenshots from the official site. Check out the full Q&A here…

Source: Bluesnews

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer

An official mission pack for Codemasters cold war shooter has been announced in the form of a new campaign, this time however you will play the part of a Russian. Included will be 20 new missions, cut scenes, and a new lead character (Dimitri Lukin). This should all be available in December and will retail for £9.99

Source: AxleOnline

Ghost Recon.

The official site has been updated with screenshots, developer diaries and details on the game's system requirements, which are in fact on a par with most current new releases and doesn't require a super computer to run. All the details can be found here…

Not content with EA's Private Ryan shooter, PCZone have also posted a preview of Ghost Recon including some nice screenshots, well worth checking out in the preview section.

News Editor

New Poll request
Thursday 27th September 2001

We have had 2 poll requests from the guys making the Multiplayer aspect of H&D2, the first question is:
how many teams would you like to be able to play against in Multiplayer.
1. 2 Teams
3. More than 2 teams

This basically means have 3 or 4 different teams playing in one multiplayer game.

The other question is:
Would you like to be able to control your AI troops in multiplayer or play with just one - your soldier?

1. One Soldier
2. Whole team

This means do you want the ability (in Multiplayer) to just be responsible for your own soldier or do you want the ability to control your entire team (like Flashpoint).


H&D2 Lead Designer Leaves Illusion
Wednesday 26th September 2001

Early in September an article on a Czech games site reported that Tomas " Sep" Pluharik had left his job as the games lead designer. No reasons were given apart from "different views on the way in which H&D2 should proceed". The decision was apparently in mutual agreement with Illusion. The development of H&D2 will not be adversely affected and the game is still on track to be released during the first half of next year.

As one of the original H&D & FFF/DB team and H&D2's Lead Game Designer Tomas will no doubt be missed, we would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best for the future.

Mack, Fugue & Sniper
Site Team

NFTF uploaded
Tuesday 25th September 2001

News From The Front is now uploaded. We have our comments on all the latest news or lack of it, as well as a round up of whats happening with some of the other War games that are in production. Screenshots include Allied Assault and Max payne (Kung-Fu Mod)

Read it here…


Game Delays and other news.
Friday 20th September 2001

Game delays.

Following the terrorist attacks on the WTC and Pentagon rumors of cancellations and delays are appearing almost daily. Ubisoft have stated the release of Rainbow Six: Black Thorn has been postponed until further notice, there are also rumours surrounding the future of Microsoft's flight simulators, which were highlighted by the media (Including the BBC) as being a possible training method for terrorist groups. Many Console games have also been delayed or are having their content changed, this includes some of the most anticipated PSX2 games such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto 3.

Call-sign: Charlie

Originally found on the official site Bonusweb have posted a movie of this Vietnam shooter due sometime in 2003. The 18mb AVI is well worth a look and features a very cool Hendrix soundtrack.

Allied Assault.

Lots of news this week due to the delayed update of EA's official site last week, which just missed the news round up. Another movie in a five part series was released along with information about German Panzer divisions. This weeks update is the 2nd movie set in Brittany, plus information on the Africa Corps.
Meanwhile posted a Q&A with Executive Producer, Rick Giolito. Interesting to see how the PC and PSX2 versions will differ...

"The PlayStation2 version has a much tighter story line in which mirrors the film experience of A Bridge Too Far."

A good reason to own a PSX2 if ever there was one J. The full article can be found here…

Source: Specforce

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

After numerous delays one of the most anticipated sequels of 2001 has been delayed AGAIN! Instead of tomorrow the release is now next Friday (28/9) according to the Eidos official site and several online retailers. A new 40mb Bink format trailer is available on the official site and features real WW2 footage, FMV and gameplay clips. Available

"I Know Kung Fu".

This Max Payne mod is so good it deserves a mention. It enables the game's gun wielding, bullet time hero to do all sorts of leaps and kicks against the bad guys, and adds some excellent new basic moves. If you have finished the game and fancy trying something very original then check the link below to grab the file. (Only 3.7mb) An absolute gem.

Operation Flashpoint Add-ons.

Some unofficial add-ons have been released and are available on this editing sites own section, be careful to read the warning about using these as there is no guarantee they wont mess up your game.

Ghost Recon.

According to latest reports this one will not suffer the same delays as Black Thorn, however the UK/Euro release is likely to be later than the US/Canada date in November. The official site has also been updated with batches of new screenshot which can be found here…

Source: Ghost Recon News

Return to Castle Wolfenstein test demo.

Released last weekend this has quickly become the second most popular online game (according to Gamespy stats page), many sites were swamped with gamers desperate to get their hands on the beach assault level. The Quake3 engine graphics are impressive, as are some of the games weapons including the best flame-thrower I have ever seen, check out the pic. (If Illusion can do one like this I take back everything I said about the flamer in H&D2)

For a nice quiet mirror for the demo try this link…

News Editor

News Roundup
Friday 14th September 2001

Searching for game's news seems trivial this week, our thoughts are with the families and friends of all those affected by Tuesday's tragic events.

I would add a number of comments on the forums have caused some concern, whilst we understand everyone's anger our rules still apply, and we will not hesitate to delete/edit posts or ban any users posting abusive or racist remarks.

Ghost Recon

The ECTS report from Ghost is now up and makes interesting reading for anyone looking forward to Redstorms's latest offering. It covers most aspects of the game in some detail based on the authors chance to play the game at Ubi Softs stand.

It all sounds good but what does concern me is the comments about not being able to run the game in hi-res because the P4 1.7ghz was not available? Ok it looks fairly nice, but needing specs that high is a little off putting for a game that hardly looks like offering outstanding graphics. Read the full report here…

Operation Flashpoint upgrade.

The upgrade to bring all versions up to date with the US release is now available, it adds new vehicles, dedicated server support and missions. What does seem to be missing is any mention of the promised improvement in the game's netcode. At the time of writing many mirrors aren't responding, but check fileplanet

Or for those of you in Euro land, try here…

Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Ok it does have a WW2 link, but it's also full of zombies and monsters. Oh well, for anyone interested a Multiplayer test demo is due to be released on Saturday (many sites have reported Friday), mirrors will be posted on the forum, but expect some heavy traffic over the first few days.

Callsign: Charlie.

Sniper found these screenshots, have no idea what the game involves apart from a Vietnam link, anyway the screens do look quite impressive. Check them out here…

Conflict Desert Storm.

The official site was updated this week but is now unavailable, (almost certainly due to Tuesdays terrorist attacks). One interesting point was the listed formats only included PSX2 and not PC, not sure if this was a typo or whether the game is bound only for consoles.

Source: Specforce

Lundy's world.

Yes our very own bayonet fanatic has posted a preview of H&D2 here (In Swedish), nice to see he included a link to an excellent H&D2 site ;)

More on Iron Storm.

GamespotUK have posted a small preview of this WW1 shooter with a slightly strange story line. Included is a gallery of 16 screenshots.

Source: Bluesnews

News Editor

H&D2, Commandos 2 & Allied Assault
Sunday 10th September 2001

The magazines have all the H&D2 news this week, H&D Fanatic spotted another article in the US edition of Computer gaming World, again its nothing new to report but worth a read anyway.

A Commandos 2 fansite has posted news from Pyro Studios saying that C2, Men Of Courage has gone gold and been sent to Eidos. Set for a worldwide release in about 2-3 weeks time, the game will be released on 3 discs. Look out for our own review as soon as we get our hands on a copy.

Italian site have posted a 3 minute video of Allied Assault in-game footage, the quality is fairly good and shows the games hero fighting through a house then sniping over a very impressive looking town. Well worth checking out here….

News Editor

NFTF uploaded
Sunday 10th September 2001

News from the front is now uploaded. Flashpoint, IL-2, Iron Storm, Allied Assault and much more on the latest war games that are coming your way soon. We have the usual mix of screenshots as well as how Fugues acting career caused him to miss ECTS ;)

Read it here…


H&D2 in PCGamer.
Saturday 9th September 2001

Very little escapes us in our never ending search for H&D2 news, Mack spotted a small article in the UK PCGamer magazine, unfortunately no new screenshots but worthy of a mention anyway.
The text only snippet really offers very little in the way of new information but does highlight a few interesting points, which will put H&D2 well and truly ahead of the competition.

Illusion have gone to great lengths to make the game as realistic as possible, using film-makers to set new standards in animation and motion capture, (Watch the E3 Trailer and tell me that's OTT :) and the expertise of professional soldiers to fine tune the gameplay.

The games AI will feature "Artificial Life", guards will no longer be standing around as static targets but carry out actions that are suitable to their surroundings. They will also react to situations in many different ways, a sleeping guard will be slow to respond to a stealthy approach and can even be taken prisoner (This will be an objective in some missions).

The RPG element will play important part in the sequel, so using stealth tactics in one mission will improve your team's ability to sneak around in the next. However running into a base with all guns blazing will equally require your team to have gained some weapons experience to avoid an early retirement for your men.

PCGamer think the battle for the top WW2 PC shooter is still a close call, ok Allied Assault might have Omaha Beach, but for action/strategy fans H&D2 is going to be very hard to beat.

News Editor

News Roundup
Friday 7th September 2001

Commandos 2.

The good news is there have been no further rumours of delays and the game is still on the UK release lists for Friday the 21st September, (Monday 24th in the US). A recent Q&A with the project director Gonzo Suarez seems to back this up, but if the last nine months are anything to go by a further delay is not out of the question. Also a few new screenshots have been released and can be found here…

Source: Blusenews

Ghost Recon at ECTS

Mixed views on this one at ECTS, some people seemed more than a little concerned the game was stuttering on a P4 1.7GHz, while others had to be dragged away from the playable version of the game on show. Developers Redstorm have released a 10mb video showing off FMV footage of the game (Requires DivX codec to view), mirrors available here…

Meanwhile Eurogamer have posted their thoughts about this squad-based shooter that is still on track for a November/December release. With H&D2 still sometime away and Allied Assault delayed until next year this just could be the one to watch.

Of course if you want a completely unbiased view of the game then why not try one of those trusty fan sites, this site have an ECTS preview in the works and will be posted when the publishers give their report the ok (cough, splutter). ;)

Source: Specforce

Allied Assault.

Not many happy people on the MOH fan sites this week with the news that the game has been delayed for at least four months. To make up for the disappointment Gamespot have posted a very brief preview including a few new screenshots. Somehow I can't quite see this keeping them happy.

Not to be outdone another UK gaming site, PCZone have posted an interview with Vince Zampella, Director Of Development at developers 2015. No new screenshots but still worth a read…

The weekly official site update is more information on the enemy forces, this time it's the Waffen SS which get a very brief mention, a little too brief really.

Also we have just heard that PCIGN have released 5 ECTS Allied Assault movies, I have not seen them yet and can not confirm if they are new or not.

Source: Dutch H&D Site

Iron Storm

After finding out No Man's Land was in fact an RTS instead of a 3rd person shooter it seemed a WW1 shooter was again to be ignored by developers. However one sharp-eyed fan found this project from a new French company with a handful of screenshots.

Going by the name of "Iron Storm" this was on show at ECTS in the form of an early demo, ok the story of WW1 never ending is a little odd but it looks promising.
Thanks to Robert Eberlein for the link.

IL2 Sturmovik

Another plug for our favorite flight-sim, Gamespot have posted an ECTS report with a huge gallery of 100 screenshots.The demo already has many user missions to try for both single and multi player, keep an eye on our forums for regular mission downloads links. Check out the details here…

European Flashpoint update.

According to one fan site the upgrade to bring all the versions up to date with the US release has been delayed and will not be available until early next week (What a surprise). This is just a rumor at the moment but does seem to have come from a reliable source.

News Editor

Allied Assault delay!
Sunday 2nd September 2001

If Gamespot’s latest news about Allied Assault is to be believed the rumors of a delay are true and will be announced officially by EA at ECTS this week. Originally scheduled for November, it now appears that at least a four-month delay is likely pushing it back to the early part of 2002.

The full article can be found here…

along with 5 new screens…

Source: Blusenews


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