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Questions & Answers
Saturday 30th September 2000

Well the exclusive answers to your questions have arrived, we have opened the F.A.Q. page to display them all. We have uploaded the first 5 questions and answers, more will follow tomorrow when I get time. If you want to discuss the answers do so at the forum. I can tell you that some of these replys from illusion sound fantastic.

Setup page added
Friday 29th September 2000

We have opened our setup page today, this page is designed to show novices how to setup a multiplayer game of both Hidden and Dangerous 1 & 2. We have uploaded our H&D1 setup guide to help set up your multiplayer games.

So if you thought TCP/IP was a terminal illness you had better get over there and read our guide.

Changed Forums
Friday 29th September 2000

We have swiched forums from gamers to ezboard. The reason for this change is the unreliability of the gamers forum and the introduction of advertising popups. We know from recent mails and posts that we have your full support in this change. We apologise for all the lost posts that we can not take with us to the new forum, but I am sure you will be happy with your new message boards.

We have also put in the option to post with out having to register, if you do register then no one can use your name other then yourself. Visit the new forums from here or click the forum button on the left.

The latest on H&D2
Tuesday 26th September 2000

It promises to be quite a good week for H&D2 news, we get the answers to your questions, hopefully tomorrow and today we received the official press pack from Take2 along with an invitation to visit the studio's, try the game and chat to the producer. We must be doing something right :)

Here is the latest official news of Hidden & Dangerous 2 and what is has to offer, some of this news we already know, but its well worth the read.

"Commanding a small Special Operations Executive section, your missions in Hidden and Dangerous 2 will see you travelling the world as it was in the 1940`s to take on the Axis Powers Army. Unprecedented levels of realism are the norm this time around with enemies, vehicles, weapons and even the cigarette being smoked by a solider on routine patrol behaving exactly as you'd expect them to in real life. This is about as close to fighting in World War II as you're ever likely to get. This is HIDDEN AND DANGEROUS 2 - sequel to the critically acclaimed PC smash hit of last year. "

Hidden and Dangerous 2 is the sequel to Hidden and Dangerous, the hit PC game of last year's summer. Hidden and Dangerous - the action / tactics simulator set in WW II has in many ways influenced the direction in which the genre of tactical war games is moving. Although the sequel to such a successful game cannot ignore the originals successful principles of game play, it will offer the demanding games playing public a sufficient quantity of innovations and improvements. One of the most noticeable improvements is the way in which the story line and the leading character are incorporated into the game.
Game Overview:

Hidden and Dangerous 2 is set in the in the period of 1940 - 45, the same period as the original Hidden and Dangerous. However, the individual operations will mainly take place in the locations where the British Army Special Units carried out their actions i.e. all over the world (Africa, Burma, etc.).

The story line behind Hidden and Dangerous 2 sees you taking the role of the commander of a small SOE (Special Operations Executive) section. You and number of your subordinates are going to organise secret actions in locations scattered all over the world. During the game, you will have to make critical decisions that could influence your future progress.

You will have a number of commandos at your disposal, forming the nucleus of your team, and you will receive other soldiers at in locations in campaigns. This means that the composition of your team will vary, and that you will have command over some more exotic soldiers - for a European operation - such as Gherkas or Indian soldiers. The characteristics of individual soldiers will eventually increase as you progress through the game.

Part of the success of the original Hidden and Dangerous was due to the variations of environments, the variety of options for solving problems, and of the range of controls. All of these features will be preserved in Hidden and Dangerous 2.You will have opportunity to play 23 - 25 complex missions in 9 different campaigns. Moreover, there will be maps designed only for the purpose of playing multi-player games, although the maps for single player can be used also in the multi-player mode.

Everything that takes place around you happens in an absolutely natural way, and everything reacts quite naturally to your actions. If you shoot at a soldier who is half-asleep, he will start looking around somewhat confusedly and start searching for his weapon. If you, on the other hand, fire at the patrol of an elite SS battalion that has just come on duty, you will probably get a nasty surprise! Although - the player does not have to kill everybody he comes across. You can shove the barrel of your submachine gun under the noses of sleepy patrolmen and they will gladly give up and be taken prisoners.

All of the animations of all of the characters in the game will be created with the aid of motion capture technology. Illusion has ensured for the co-operation of specialists from an anti-terrorist unit and of specialist filmmakers, to achieve the best results possible.

You will be able to plan complex actions of the entire team in a mission with the help of a similar system as has been used in the first Hidden and Dangerous. The only difference will be including the tactics planning into the level and not into the map. A mini map of your immediate surroundings will assist you with your orientation.

Another successful feature used in the original game and re-introduced in the sequence are the means of transport. In Hidden and Dangerous 2, you will be able to drive all of the vehicles you come across. This also includes several types of planes and gliders. The physical model of all of the means of transport will be worked out to the last detail, but controlling them stays as intuitive and simple as in H&D.

· A variety of environments: H&D2 will have 23 - 25 complex missions in 6 campaigns plus 4 - 5 extensive multi-player maps.

· The ability to interact with the environment, including communication with NPC's and so on and the development of the characters while progressing through the game.

· Following story and group of lead characters enhance the atmosphere and draw the player into the unfolding events to even a greater extent than in the original Hidden and Dangerous.

· Improved and more accessible controls - active cursor and scrollbar, automatic actions, etc.

· Improved combat tactics and control over the activities of the entire unit.

· The multi-player aspects have been worked out in great detail and there will be the option to play on the side of the Axis Powers Army.

· The use of a completely new engine.

· A new generation of artificial intelligence is being developed.

· Motion-capture technology will be used to achieve the best possible appearances of animated characters.

· The modelling of the weapons will be as realistic as possible as well as representing the ballistics of projectiles and hurled objects.

· A system of materials with varying toughness and resistance to damage will be applied to the physical objects in the game.

· Accurate physics models for the modes of transport within the game (including planes) will be created.

· EAX sound system.

If all that does not get you excited nothing will, Hidden and Dangerous 2 is shaping up to be a hot contender for game of the year 2001 if half of what you just read is true.

Thanks to take2 interactive for this news.

Great gamers site
Sunday 24th September 2000

Added a great new site to the links section called they have a Hidden and dangerous 2 section but their games resources are massive, if you want to check up on a game, this is the place to go. Check out the H&D2 section here.

Quiz Results
Friday 22nd September 2000

Well talk about in the nick of time, wierd Jan just submitted the winning entry as I was about to upload the news that no one got them right this week, well done wierd Jan. Mountbatten & Bloated pig did answer every question correct but alas not all on the same entry, so this weeks victory belongs to WIERD JAN.

With H&D2 not due out for some time yet we are switching the quiz to once a fortnight, we are also trying to get some prizes sorted out for some other competitions that are going to be coming soon to this site, we may also get a prize for the person who comes first the most in the now fortnightly quiz (Bloated pig is currently winning).

Poll Results
Monday 18th September 2000

We asked you:

Which weapon position would you like to see H&D2 use?

H&D1 style (Weapon dead centre) - 66% voted for this option.

FFF/DB style (weapon down by side) - 34% voted for this option.

These results are on the way to the programmers, a new poll is now up on the general forum. Thank you all for voting.

H&D2 put back
Saturday 16th September 2000

It has now been confirmed by Take2 that H&D2 will not be released until the back end of 2001. For full UK release dates on this and other games click here

We have just read on bonusweb that the release date will be summer 2001 as planned. If you are familiar with release dates I am sure you will be taking both these dates with a large pinch of salt.

Rumours that H&D2 will be released on the X-box and Playstation2 and then on the PC some time later have not yet been confirmed and remain just a rumour at this time.

Ask The Programmers
Wednesday 13th September 2000

As promised in August we have been given permission by Take2 interactive for a questions & Answers section with the people from Illusion softworks (the people making H&D2). If you have any questions for the game creators now's your chance to ask them. Head over to the feedback page and fill in the form, this form will only be operational for 1 week and we must ask that only 1 question per person so everyone gets a chance.

I would like to thank Take2 & illusionsoftworks for agreeing to the Q&A.

Interview with Illusion
Monday 11th September 2000

There is a great interview on Adrenaline vault with illusion softworks all about Hidden & Dangerous 2. Check it out here

Thanks to Bloated Pig for this news.

Heresay & Dangerous
Thursday 7th September 2000
We have had an official response to some questions resulting from the heresay following ECTS earlier this week, (as promised we always try to provide accurate news and up to date information).

LS3D will be the engine used for H&D2, Insanity2 as reported here some time ago is now the property of Lonely Cat Games.
The game did work at the ECTS show, some files were missing on the Sunday but were sent by internet so the game was running for the remaining two days.
There has been much speculation about mission and campaign structure, however the game is still at a very early stage of development (in the first 3rd stage) so no decision has been made.
As for the eagerly awaited editor it will be included in the final version, the ability to create your own maps is promising to be a superb feature in the sequel.


.Talk with Michal Bacik
Thursday 7th September 2000
If you have been a regular visitor to this site since its launch on 12th August you would have read about the split at illusion softworks. Michal Bacik the lead programmer and developer of the insanity engine left illusion and set up lonely cat games. We spoke to him yesterday via e-mail to put a few of the rumours straight and find out what he is currently up to.
Firstly I asked him who the insanity 2 engine (the engine that was originally used for H&D2) belonged to.

Michal ", Insanity2 Engine belongs to LCG. Our programmers are continuously enhancing its features"

Webmaster "Can I print that screenshot in your gallery of H&D1 (insanity2) Engine"

Michal "Yes. Anyway, the screenshot doesn't mean we work on H&D2."

Webmaster "Why did you leave illusion softworks?"

Michal "The reasons are on the News page of our web site. We feel more comfortable in a small team with relaxed atmosphere, in LCG we all have exactly the atmosphere we love to work in, and in which the great ideas come themselves"

Webmaster "What new projects have lonely cat games got lined up?"

Michal "Currently LCG is working on a design docs of a new game, which is already built in our minds, but it would be too early to speak about it to the public."

Webmaster "Would you consider doing another WW2 FPS game?"

Michal ". Our aim is to make a FPS game, but it seems it won't be WW2 based. Anyway we hope we'll bring a lot of fun and great ideas into the game."

Thanks to Michal Bacik for that exclusive information, if you want to know more about the lonely cat games company check it out here.

.Insanity 2 engine
Thursday 7th September 2000
Here is an example of the insanity 2 engine in action. Michal Bacik (lead programmer H&D) has taken the Italy 1 mission and remade it using the insanity 2 engine. I was unable to capture the exact same screen shot in H&D, but if you look at the texture of the sky & bridge you can see the insanity 2 really makes a difference.
H&D1 Screenshot
H&D1 screenshot with insanity 2
We have also added another screenshot to our even increasing gallery, check it out!

.Rumours & Speculation
Wednesday 6th September 2000

Rumours are spreading like wildfire after ECTS finished on Tuesday, none of them have been confirmed by Illusion so we will not be posting them here. Some sites are posting information on missions and campaigns as well as details of graphics engine changes. All our news is carefully checked and as far as we are concerned up to date and correct.
Despite the disappointment of not being able to get to the show it seems H&D2 didn't appear in all its glory, to quote one source

" Hidden & Dangerous 2 was also on show at the Take2 stand and although there was very little gameplay on offer at this early stage, it certainly has promise".

This would probably account for the lack of news which is a shame, however a movie trailer may be released soon (from another reliable source).


.Results of poll
Sunday 3rd September 2000

Thank you all for voting on the weapons poll. We asked "Which one of the following weapons would you MOST like to see in H&D2 ", you voted:

A Flamethrower: 29%
Vickers & Twin Vickers Machine Gun: 20%
German Gew 43: 18%
Browning Automatic Rifle: 8%
Piat Anti Tank Gun: 6%
Panzerchreck: 4%
Bergman Submachine Gun: 0%

These results will be sent to the game programmers. A new gun position poll has started, head over to the forum to vote.

5 New Screenshots
Friday 1st September 2000

Illusion Softworks released 5 new screenshots today, we get our first look at the soldiers and a glimpse of the technology used to animate them. These new screenshots show off the gorgeous scenery with a stunning view accross a bridge, go see for yourself at our screenshots page

Site expansion
Friday 1st September 2000

We have decided to enlarge the web site to 1024x768 for optimal viewing. The main reason for this is because the vast majority of users have their desktop resolution at 1024x768 or higher. All the latest sites are choosing this resoultion as it allows for more content and easier navigation, we hope you enjoy it. We also need the extra space as the site grows in size.

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