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25/10 Wargame News & Quiz
23/10 A New H&D Game
21/10 H&D2 Q&A and 3 new screenshots
21/10 NFTF & Poll
18/10 War Game News
13/10 Poll Update
11/10 3 New H&D2 Screenshots
11/10 More Game News
08/10 Q&A and Poll
07/10 News From The Front
06/10 Other Game News
01/10 Our Commando's 2 Review
Wargame news & Quiz
Thursday 25th October 2001

Quiz prizes.

Each month we will be giving away a brand new book to the winner of the new quiz. Most are from the Wordsworth Military Library series, which are reprinted paperbacks of excellent books ranging from biographies to factual accounts of famous battles.

First up is the story of " A bridge too far" by Cornelius Ryan, a superb account of the events at Arnhem in 1944. This competition is open to everyone so get posting your answers on the new quiz forum, which opens Friday 25th October

Allied Assault

Well the release date may have suffered a set back but EA's media assault continues unabated.

Two movies this week, one on CVG which shows more footage from the French City of Brest, and another on the official sites weekly update.

Source: Bluesnews

Ghost Recon.

The big news this week is the game has gone gold and will be in stores in the US next month. (Now 13th November)

Gamespot have updated their preview again with a batch of screenshots showing some of the games specialist characters, check them out in the sites gallery here…
20 more screenshots from a Beta version of the game are available here…
Getting plenty of coverage in the gaming press, still doesn't look that good.

Source: Bluesnews

Callsign Charlie.

Strange as it may seem this stunning looking Vietnam shooter started life as a 2D RTS, these new screenshots show off the games amazing graphics. Still a long time to wait as this one is not due until 2003, plenty of time to save up for the monster of a PC you will need to run it.

Three new shots (plus one old) are available here

Source: Specforce

Deadly Dozen.

Deadly in the US, but not even slightly unpleasant in Euro land because there are currently no plans to release this budget WW2 shooter anywhere else unless it sells well in America. Boo!

It should be available late next month or early in December with a demo due sometime around the games release.

Red Hammer

Homelan have posted a Q&A with Codemasters executive producer Jonathan Smith about the Operation Flashpoint add-on due later this year. Read the full article here…

Dailytelefrag also posted a few screenshots from Red Hammer.

News Editor

A new Hidden & Dangerous game?
Tuesday 23rd October 2001

We have discovered a new H&D game, apparently due out on Sony's original Playstation very soon, we don't have many details at the moment but there are a few screenshots available here… plus some weapon and character renders. It certainly looks like a great deal has been changed due to the old systems limitations.

News Editor

H&D2 Q&A and 3 new Screenshots
Sunday 21st October 2001

Following on from Adrenaline Vaults recent update H&D Fanatic have posted another Q&A with Illusion Softworks CEO Petr Vochozka. Once again there are some well thought out and probing questions plus three exclusive screenshots similar in content to the last batch.

The interview certainly gives the impression the game will

ship early next year and it is nice to see the demo looks like being released before the full version, with at least 2 or 3 missions on offer. The full article can be found here…

News Editor

NFTF & Poll
Sunday 21st October 2001

News From The Front is now uploaded, we have news of our up and coming H&D2 report as well as other site changes that are coming. We look at the usual mix of war games on the horizon and Fugue gives us our first book review.

Thanks to everyone that voted on the poll, the final results can be viewed under the new poll. Regarding the new poll, please read the stories before voting, and remember we are just asking which stories you would like to see mission based upon, we understand that many missions involved more than the 4 men you would have in H&D2.
This is not an official poll, and was not requested by IS.


War Game news.
Thursday 18th October 2001

Ghost Recon

Although this article doesn't really contain any new details it does cover most aspects of the game from AI to the outdoor environments, well worth a read here…
Current release dates are… 13th November in USA and Canada. December the 7th in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Source: Stomped.

Allied Assault & Frontline.

EA have released a batch of screenshots from Medal of Honor: Frontline, the Xbox and PSX2 game based on the "A bridge too far" story and a few more from the "Saving Private Ryan" shooter Allied Assault.
The complete gallery can be found here…

Oh no, another movie on the official site. Ok I'm all for preview footage but this is just more of the same, to be honest I haven't seen any of the recent batch because it all looks the same to me, dull and brown. A little variation would be nice. The 19mb movie and details of new missions/weapons/planes can be found here…

Soldier of Fortune 2.

A Q&A with ken Hoekstra of Raven Software is available here…
The oddly titled "Double Helix" will be available early next year, those looking for a multiplayer game had better look elsewhere as this sequel is single player only.
Gamespot recently updated their series of previews with more details about the games AI, weapons and system specs, the minimum requirements are surprisingly low which bodes well for people with mid-range systems. Check out all the details here…

Source: Bluesnews

Deadly dozen.

New screenshots of this budget WW2 shooter have been released by Infogrames, the developers have always insisted the graphics will be far from "budget" and these shots do look ok. Five are here at Gamespy

PC.ign scooped five more plus some details of the mission locations, according to the article the release date is not far away. View here

And another batch on Adrenaline Vault…

According to some retailers the game should be available in early November in the US, (Currently 6th November) there doesn't seem to be any information on a European date yet.

Operation Flashpoint patch.

According to Coldwar another patch is due to be released this Friday to fix some of the problems introduced in BETA 1.26, a new weapon in the form of a rotating grenade launcher is will also be available this week.

News Editor

Poll Update
Saturday 13th October 2001

As you know we are currently running a poll for Illusion to see what multiplayer styles you like, well cooperative play was the clear winner, so we have reset the poll and removed cooperative, we now need you to vote again on your next favoutite style.

Once we have another clear winner it will be logged, removed and reset for you to vote again, we will continue this until Illusion have enough information.

Remember full explinations of the different styles can be found here


New H&D2 Screenshots
Thursday 11th October 2001

H&D2 development update at Adrenaline Vault.

Adrenaline vault have scooped three new screenshots and posted some more details about Tomas Pluharik's recent departure...

" The HD2 team will have to finish the AI and the road to Alpha without Lead Designer Tomas Pluharik, who Illusion recently let go due to creative differences. Vochoka praised Pluharik's depth of knowledge about HD1 as well as World War II, but admitted Pluharik's ambitions were greater than what could be accomplished in a single game. Stepping into Pluharik's shoes are designers Radek Havlicek and Juraj Bocinec, who have been working with Illusion for over a year."


The most notable of the screens includes the first ever weapon view and what looks like a jungle scene from Burma. They also state the game has slipped to 2002, something that anyone following the progress of the game here knew sometime ago. Unfortunately some retailers are still publishing slightly optimistic November 2001 dates.

Read the full article here.....

Source: Bluesnews

News Editor

More Game news.
Thursday 11th October 2001

Operation Flashpoint.

According to AxleOnline a new (public Beta) patch is due this Friday (12th October) that will include… "Dramatically reworked and improved netcode and over 50 of other bug fixes and improvements. " Odd that this news has only surfaced on a forum, but this has apparently come from the developers Bohemia Interactive.

Allied Assault Preview

MGON (Media and Games Online Network) have posted a short preview based on an opportunity to see the game running. The article tells how developers 2015 have aimed for historical accuracy by visiting the battlefields featured in the game and how the recent terrorist attacks have kept out the gore. (not actually true as that decision was taken months ago). Well worth a read…

Source: Bluesnews

This weeks official site update includes a new video, mission summary and wallpapers. All the details are here…

Soldier of Fortune 2.

VoodooExtreme were given a few new screenshots by Activision, which as they rightly point out look very nice compared to some of the older ones, not surprising really. Although 5 are included three have been posted elsewhere, the 2 exclusives can be found here…

Three more are also on Adrenaline Vault…
plus a Q&A with Raven project administrator Kenn Hoekstra here…

Mafia Alpha.

Illusion's official site has reported the Alpha version of the game is complete, here's a snip from the game's Godfather, Daniel Vavra…

"We're now working on Beta version. The Alpha version also was the reason why we haven't been updating the pages for such a long time - we just simply had too much work to do".

Very good news as Mafia looks like being one the best games available in the New Year.

Ghost Recon.

GamespotUK got hold of a playable version of Redstorm's team-based shooter and put the early code through its paces. Apart from the odd invincible enemy and challenging gameplay they were quite impressed, some new screenshots are included in the sites gallery.

Check out the preview here…

Fan site Ghost Recon Operations have posted an exclusive interview and a Box-Art shot with more goodies to follow.

Max Payne.

Without a doubt one of the best action games in recent years, Max Payne has just been updated for the second time. This version deals with the flashing clock and taskbar problem, download the 1.2 patch here…

Source: Bluesnews

News Editor

Q&A and Poll
Monday 8th October 2001

The Unofficial H&D site have posted a Q&A with Denis Cerny (lead LS3D programmer H&D 2) who is working on the PC and PSX2 versions. Although there are few details about the game it does at least end the news drought. The questions have been submitted by visitors to the site, the full article can be found here…

Read it here

News Editor

We also have a new poll request for the guys working on H&D2, please vote on this one. Another new feature to this site is the game charts button, this can be found under release dates next to the news headlines.


NFTF Uploaded
Sunday 7th October 2001

News From The Front is now uploaded, this edition has screenshots from Mafia, Commandos 2, Desert Storm and SOF2, we also speculate on the progress of H&D2 and offer some information on all of the above mentioned games.

Read it here


Other Game news.
Saturday 6th October 2001

Commandos 2.

Despite Eidos maintaining no patches would be released it now looks likely a patch to deal with the crash-to-desk-top problem will be released sometime over the next few weeks. This is just a rumour on the official forums but seemed to come from someone involved with either Eidos or Pyro.

Allied Assault.

This weeks update on the official site includes part 4 in the movie series and information on the Springfield rifle & Sherman Tank. Also a Q&A with Associate Producer Stephen Townsend is available here

As if that lot wasn't enough VoodooExtreme also got hold of three new screenshots here… 1 2 3

Conflict Desert Storm.

Publishers SCI have posted a new video of this squad based shooter which should be available early next year on PC and PSX2. The 5mb Bink format promotional video is available here…

Source: Specforce

Ghost Recon.

Redstorms official site has been updated with new screenshots showing off the latest offering from the Rainbow Six developers.

Source: Specforce

Soldier of Fortune 2.

Lots of new screenshots of this Quake3 powered shooter promising more tactical action than the first game, and more blood and severed limbs.

And a few more here, plus Gamespots usual Gallery of older screens.

Source: Bluesnews

News Editor

Our Commando's 2 Review
Monday 1st October 2001

Our Commando's 2 review has just been published. If you are pondering over buying this game check out our detailed review here. As always we give you an unbiased opinion from a hidden and dangerous fan's perspective, we also have 8 new screenshots.


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