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29/11 Weekly News Roundup
27/11 Demo News
24/11 New SAS Story
22/11 News Roundup
21/11 New Screenshots
19/11 News From The Front
15/11 Weekly News Roundup
14/11 Our Deadly Dozen Review
12/11 Support this Site
12/11 New Chatroom & SAS Part3
11/11 Remembrance Sunday
08/11 Gaming News
07/11 Site Face-lift
07/11 New SAS True Story
06/11 New uniforms for H&D
04/11 H&D2 out March 15th?

Weekly News Roundup
Thursday 29th November 2001

Hidden and Dangerous 2 Wallpapers

Sniffing around for screenshots can sometimes turn up the odd surprise, I stumbled across these three wallpapers, one showing the squad crawling in the desert (not seen that screenshot before). Something to brighten up your desktop while dreaming about the demo : ).

H&D2 Preview

Roland from sent word that they have posted a preview of H&D2 (in German) on their site, check it out here…

Allied Assault.

The good news is Allied Assault will now be available earlier than expected at the end of January, the official site update this week included an FAQ with details on the demos, and its good news all round…

"Yes, there will be two demos. One single player demo that you can get from the February issue of Computer Gaming World or pre-order at Electronics Boutique, Software Etc. and Babbage's stores just after the 1st of the year. There will also be an internet multiplayer demo available through GameSpy around 14-December."

Also included is yet another movie, apparently showing a tank running over some enemies. All the details can found on the official site here…


Some fantastic gunfight movies are available to download on 3Dgamers, and news of a possible date for a demo has been posted on the official forum by one of the Mafia team. For details and regular updates check out Mafiaworld here

Project IGI 2.

CVG have scored a hands on preview of Innerloops stealthy sequel due out next year, included are a few new screenshots which can be found here…

Source: Specforce

Gamespot have also posted a Q&A with Codemasters James Brown which deals with AI, weapons and a 40+ screenshot gallery, read the full article here…

Source: HomeLan Fed news

The Beta test sign up ends this week so head over to Codemasters site before Friday to be in with a chance

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The Nazi/zombie/monster shoot-em up will be available across Europe from Friday except in Spain and Italy who have to wait till next week. Due to the games WW2/violent content the release in Germany has also been delayed until the middle of next month. Still not sure about this one but all the feedback from the US release has been positive.

Source: Bluesnews

Soldier Of Fortune 2.

Those busy people at CVG have posted a Q&A with Raven Softwares Ken Hoekstra, included is a gallery of old and new screenshots, read the full article here…

Source: Bluesnews

Demo News
Tuesday 27th November 2001

H&D2 Hideout has posted some news about demo release date, here's a snip…

" Demo for H&D2 will be released in the same time (maybe little bit after) of the full release H&D2. Simply, It can't be done sooner because we don't to publish anything what is not 100% complete and 100% functional".

This has come from Illusion Softworks but goes against everything we have heard to date including Petr Vochozka's recent interview on H&D Fanatic and should be treated with a great deal of caution, all it says is the demo wont be released until it's ready. Considering Take2's estimated release date of April 2002 is still a long way off, news about demo dates now is speculative to say the least. We have done some checking with various people and the situation is that a multiplayer demo MAY be released as a compatibility test prior to the game going gold, with a single player demo due later.

My inbox is already filling up with mail from worried fans, the fact is the game is still a long way from being released and news like this about demos helps no one. Like just about every game demo we will probably only get firm dates within a few weeks of the game hitting the shelves anyway.

News Editor

New SAS Story
Saturday 24th November 2001

A new SAS story has been added to the War Room, this story deals with the more covert side of the SAS, it makes excellent reading, here is a snippet:

The basic test taught men to use an unorthodox firing position favoured by Farran, known as the Grant-Taylor Method, this required the soldier to put six rounds through a playing card at 15 yards.

Read the full story here


News Roundup
Thursday 22nd November 2001

Deadly Dozen
Lots of updates this week including a patch, an update that adds gore and some editing tools to create your own levels. All can be found on nFusion's download page here…

Desert storm
Fragland have posted a batch of new screenshots from this Gulf war 3rd person shooter due out next year.

Source: Specforce

Allied Assault.
True to their word EA have started updating the official site again (regular updates will now be on Mondays) with a new movie and details on weapons/vehicles, all can be found here…

Soldier of Fortune 2 multiplayer.
After insisting Raven software's sequel would be a single player only game Activision have just announced multiplayer will be included after all with 100 player models and 12-14 weapons. The official press release can be found on Planet Soldier here…

Mafia interview. have posted an interview with Mafia boss Daniel Vavra, seems the man behind the questions has watched one too many Mafia movies : ) , worth a read for a few new details.

Source: Stomped

News Editor

New Screenshots
Wednesday 21st November 2001
Italian site have posted six new screenshots from various locations, the soldiers appear to be wearing shorts in the N. Africa mission and are missing their red berets. Maybe these are some older screens, they really don't look as good as the last batch posted by Bonusweb in August.
Another new features are the icons in the top left, which have replaced the chess pieces for stances. All the new screens plus some familiar ones can be found here…

News Editor

News From The Front
Monday 19th November 2001

Fugue has just sent me the news from the front, it includes more news on the H&D2 release date, news on our next visit to Take2. We also talk about the Allied Assault demo's that are due out soon and have a nice screenshot of Fugue taking a German prisoner during a game of Deadly Dozen.

Read it all here


Weelky News Roundup
Thursday 15th November 2001

UK Take2 site.

Publishers of H&D2, Take2 Interactive have launched a UK website which includes details on H&D2 and Mafia plus galleries of familiar screenshots. The release date is listed as April L, not March as recently reported here.

Deadly Dozen

Finally a game that has dragged me away from Max Payne, a second patch should be available early next week along with an update that adds blood. For all the latest news check out nFusion's official site…

Project IGI 2: Covert Strike.

A new title, not Mercenary Force as reported on some sites when the game was announced, Codemasters have just launched the official site with a beta testers sign up and gallery here…

A few new screenshots are also available here…

Source: Bluesnews

Allied Assault demo news.

A fansite has posted news that both single and multiplayer demos could be available next month, rumours of December 16th are unconfirmed. The lack of updates on the official site has apparently been due to the sites staff being sacked in a recent shake up at EA. Check out the details here…

Source: Bluesnews

EA's official site has been updated recently with promises of more to follow soon…

Soldier of Fortune 2 Q&A.

Lots of conflicting release dates for this very promising looking sequel, recent reports say the game will ship in February. CG Online have just posted a Q&A with one of Raven Software founders, Brian Raffel where he talks about the story, gore, Q3 engine and more… the full interview can be found here…

Operation Flashpoint.

The 3rd official update has just been released adding new vehicles, weapons and missions, details and download mirrors can be found here…

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Gold.

Activision have announced RTCW has gone gold and will be in stores world-wide later this month.
The official site can be found here…

Source: shacknews

Our Deadly Dozen Review
Wednesday 14th November 2001

This game is probably the closest thing to Hidden and dangerous that we have seen, we have a full review of it from a H&D fans perspective, including some new screenshots.

Although it's only available in the US we also provide links to on-line stores that will export it for you.

Read all about it.

Support This Site
Monday 12th November 2001
We are asking for all your support over the coming months to help keep this site running the way it is now. We are determined to keep both the main site and the forum one of the few banner free fan sites on the internet. We are not asking for your money, all we are asking is that if you are like me and order games, gifts, books etc from please do it through the links on this site, that's all we are asking. You can even pre-order H&D2 now, just click the links on the top right of this page.

We thought this was the best way to help generate much needed income to pay for this site, it does not compromise the site and it's not asking anyone for his or her money. Thank you for your support.

Site Team.

New Chat room & SAS pt 3
Monday 12th November 2001
We have a new chatroom on MIRC, so if you have this popular client then click here to find the new channel, so far it's very popular. We hope to invite some Illusion Softworks guys in for a chat sometime. If you don't have MIRC you can download it here.

I have just uploaded the final part of the latest SAS true story that Fugue has written, it's one of the best so far, do not miss it, read it all here.


Remembrance Sunday
Sunday 11th November 2001

General Gaming News
Thursday 8th November 2001

Allied Assault.

EA's media war has finally ground to a halt, the official site has been missing its update for several weeks now. This could mean everyone is hard at work putting the finishing touches to the multiplayer demo, which recent reports suggested will be available next month. For all the latest news check out the Allied Assault fan site here…

Deadly Dozen.

If it were possible to wear out a demo then mine would be well and truly knackered by now :), it's a lot like H&D and even manages to improve on our favourite WW2 shooter. The demo and full version (Latter only available in the US) have been well received by fans, several patches are in the works to improve and implement a whole range of features including blood (maybe) and bodies that don't disappear anymore.

Publishers Infogrames have yet to make an announcement on plans to release the game in Europe, the official word on this remains…

"Unfortunately we have no information either way as yet on this title" Being an impatient WW2 fanatic I have ordered a copy from the US, a full review will be posted soon.

Ghost Recon.

A 78meg demo has been released by Redstorm, which features both a single player and multiplayer option. WARNING! Without a high-end system this will be very choppy, even on medium detail settings the frame rates are terrible. Graphically it's pretty disappointing, but anyone who is a fan of the Rainbow Six series will find the out door setting quite refreshing. A list of mirrors can be found here…

IL2 Sturmovik.

Publishers Ubisoft have the announced that IL2 has gone gold, this stunning looking WW2 flight-sim will be in stores next month in the UK/Europe and later this month in the US.

Source: SimHQ

Serious Sam 2.

Well it's a slow week for news :). Ok its not WW2, there are no tactics to speak of and the first installment has been described as having "less depth than the shallow end of a kiddies' swimming pool". BUT! The first game does have a very good co-op mode that is fast and furious, and funny. The second installment is due out soon and will be released as a budget title, If mindless blasting action is your idea of fun then check out the preview here…


As the release date of Jan 2002 gets closer all sorts of Mafia goodies have been released over the last few weeks, for regular updates check out Mafiaworld… the site will soon be moving to a new host.

Site Face-Lift
Wednesday 7th November 2001

As you can see the web site has had a bit of a make over, we think it looks much better. We added our own drawings of the two main characters in the game, since no official drawings or pictures are available we had to just make them up. The more I look at Gary Bristol, the more I see Richard Burton ;). We added another pic to our home page. Anyway more importantly the news page now loads twice as fast. We have also added another page to the site Consoles the page is blank at the moment but will be opening soon.

Hope you like the changes, if not well :p


New SAS True Story
Wednesday 7th November 2001
After a very long delay! a story about SAS Scud busting patrols during Desert Storm will be uploaded in three parts over the next few days, more true stories from recent conflicts and events in SAS history will follow. Check out the War room section for updates.

Part 1 is available here

News Editor

New Uniforms for H&D
Tuesday 6th November 2001
I was sent new uniforms for both H&D and FFF/DB today by James Lamonte, I have since checked them out and must say they are very well drawn and do enhance the game. So if like me you still like a game of H&D or FFF/DB this is well worth a download, please note you also need V5 of the editor, both are now available on our downloads page.These are unofficial addons and have nothing to do with Take2 or Illusion Softworks.


H&D2 out March 15th?
Sunday 4th November 2001
We're not really all that keen on posting speculative dates but according to Fragland this has come direct from Take2's PR/distribution people, makes for interesting reading, if accurate this is very good news. Dailytelefrag have also posted the list in a slightly more organised manner, H&D2 in March! Well we can all hope

News Editor


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