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29/11 PSX2 & PC Release info
26/11 Project IGI
23/11 Massive update
16/11 We are moving to...
11/11 Airborne Rangers page opens
11/11 S.B.S. Page opens

PC & PSX2 Release
Wednesday 29 th November 2000

I get alot of mails asking when the release date will be for H&D2, and also some of you have heard a rumour that H&D2 will be out on the Playstation2 before the PC.

A specific release date has not been announced for H&D2 on any platform, all I can tell you is that Q2 of 2001 is when we HOPE to see it. We will know more early next year.

Regarding the Playstation2 release, it has not even been decided on what other platforms H&D2 will be released other than the PC. The main reason is the multiplayer side of things, if the Playstation2 multiplayer network is NOT set up then H&D2 would only support single player and split screen mode, this would mean that the game could be developed quicker than with full blown multiplayer, then it may be out before the PC. But like I said its not even been confirmed that H&D2 will be released on any other platform other than the PC.

So in short, wait until early next year when more news becomes available, things are changing all the time, once we have concrete news of specific dates and formats we will print them, until then we don't want to jump to any conclusions.


IGI Worth a look
Sunday 26th November 2000

If we see a game that catches our eye that we feel may interest H&D fans we shall let you know. We only mention games if we have played the demo and are impressed with it. Some games look great but play bad, and we don't want to waste your time.

We just finished playing the Project IGI Demo and we all think it has great potential, its set in the present day and the missions sound really cool. The demo is available here, to find out more check out this fan site.

The Demo is 49meg and the min spec is a PII266 with 64meg ram.

Massive Update
Thursday 23rd November 2000

I barely know where to start with all the new updates, here they are in list format:

1. New Quiz & Screenshot competitions uploaded. View here
2. Search Engine added to help you find old news items faster.
3. Vehicles Page open.
4. Weapons page open.
5. Clans page open.
6. League page open.
7. Walkthrough page open.
8. Techsupport page open.
9. New SAS and SBS stories added. - View here

Don't forget to change your bookmarks to the new site address:


Thanks to Mesh for helping with the Flash Programming

Mack (Webmaster)

! We are Moving !
Thursday 16th November 2000

With the site increasing in both size and popularity we have decided that it should have its own URL. The new server can handle 1 million hits per day (we know we are not going to get anything like that many hits) and is extremely fast, we decided that we need this speed and size for the amount of great pages we have lined up for the future expansion. We hope to move to the new address on Thursday 23rd November, so bookmark it now.

We are planning to re-launch the site at this address with the opening of the following pages: Weapons, Vehicles, Clans, Tech Support and Walkthrough. We are also opening a new section called "News from the front" which basically tells real stories from your experiences during missions in H&D, so start sending in those stories, send all stories to the webmaster on the contact page.

As you can imagine we are all very busy with the new construction work, as a result we may be running late with Fridays quiz and screenshot competitions, we apologise for any problems this may cause.

Mack (Webmaster)

Airborne Rangers
Saturday 11th November 2000

A page dedicated to the US Airborne Rangers has just opened, the page documents the History and some of the Battles of one of America's finest Ragiments.

Check it out in the War Room

S.B.S. page opens
Saturday 11th November 2000

A page dedicated to the Special Boat Service (SBS) has opened in the War room, this includes how the regiment was formed along with a true mission story. More stories will follow soon.

Thanks to Fugue for all the War Room stories

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