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31/05 New Renders, Box art? and Flashpoint
28/05 Q&A with TP
26/05 Poll Results
25/05 H&D2 at Wargamer
25/05 New page added to the Site
21/05 A new Hidden and Dangerous 2 Video
20/05 4 New Screenshots
20/05 Godgames H&D2 site opens
19/05 H&D2 at Gamespy
18/05 Official H&D2 site is launched
18/05 10 New screenshots and full E3 trailer
17/05 More H&D2 at Gamespot
15/05 H&D2 first look
13/05 Future of this site
11/05 H&D2 E3 Report
03/05 H&D2 Movie Arrival
01/05 10 New Screenshots
28/04 Site Announcement
26/04 New Poll

Renders, box art and Flashpoint
Thursday 31st May 2001

Four renders have been released; two of soldiers we have seen before (which make excellent wallpapers!) and some new vehicles, the German Puma armoured car and Russian LA-5, a single seat fighter-bomber. View renders


The remaining screenshots on the site were released by Godgames shortly after E3. Some sites are still publishing those lovely shots released in March and at E3 as new, if I see the "new H&D2 screenshots" headline one more time………..:)

Hidden & Dangerous 2 Box art?


Over at Take2's site the H&D2 section has a nice image which could well be an early shot of the box art, and very nice it is to!.

The site also lists the hardware requirements, for all those thinking they have plenty of room on their hard discs lets just hope the "4000mb free" is a typo.


Operation Flashpoint US release news.

Codemasters have officially announced that Flashpoint will be available in the US early in September. The game should be in stores in the UK and Europe on Friday 22nd June. The press release lists several reasons for the delay…

"The U.S. version will differ slightly from the version that ships in Europe, the primary difference being additional multiplayer capabilities, including dedicated server functionality and enhanced network code."

With multiplayer gameplay being such a huge factor in the States, due to greater access to high-speed, broadband Internet connections, Codemasters has decided to take full advantage of these features in the initial U.S. release of the game.

So it's not all bad news, it will be a better product after all, but seeing as the game has such a huge following there will no doubt be many disappointed fans. To keep the rest of us happy across the pond the additional features in the US version will be available as a free upgrade sometime around the US release.

The full press release is available here….

News Editor

Q&A with Tomas Pluharik
Monday 28th May 2001

A Dutch H&D fan site has a short Q&A with H&D2's lead designer, most of this has been covered before but it does have the odd interesting quote

Q: When will be the release date of H&D II?
A: Q1 2002 how it looks now.

Well its what most of us already knew, it seems unlikely the game will make an appearance this year despite the Christmas speculation recently. One very good bit of news is Illusion hope to release some editing tools after the games release.

News Editor

H&D2 poll results
Saturday 26th May 2001

One of the closest polls ever, I would have liked it to run a little longer but the poll server has been changed so we had to end it today. The results have been sent to Illusion Softworks.

Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
How much Blood and gore do you like in your games?
Total Votes 142
 None at all (0) 0%
 Small traces of blood (5) 4%
 Blood traces for every wound (57) 40%
 I like a good splattering (24) 17%
 I want it all, limbs flying, entrails spilling, etc (56) 39%

A new poll is now up and running, get voting.


H&D2 at Wargamer
Friday 25th May 2001

Wargamer have a brief preview of H&D2 based on what they saw at E3, it includes some interesting details about damage modeling that will please the blood thirsty fans. (And looking at the latest poll there are quite a few of you!).

"While not quite to the degree of Soldier of Fortune, Hidden and Dangerous 2 still makes good use of damage modeling, including the ability to blow heads off with the right weapon".

They also mention that the game is currently running in only the 3rd person view and a 1st person is being developed, sounds like the demo is unlikely to be released soon. They also mention Take2/GoD are hoping to have the game on the shelves by Christmas.
View Preview
Thanks to "Vlad" for sending the link.

News Editor

New page added
Friday 25th May 2001

A new page has been added to the site F A Q (Frequently Asked Questions). The page is constantly being updated with new information as it arrives. All information on the page should be upto date.

The old FAQ page is now called Q&A with illusion and can be found in the "popular site Shortcuts" on the right column of this page under the poll.


A new H&D2 Video
Monday 21st May 2001

Czech gaming site Bonusweb have a new video available to download, it's 33.4mb and in AVI format (you will need the codec to view it).

It features footage of the games lead designer Tomas "Sep" Pluharik playing what looks like the single player demo shown at E3. Although its not very good quality and the language is all Czech you do get to see almost 15 minutes of the game in action as a four man team attacks the airfield we have seen so much of recently. On view are the tactical map, soldier icons and lots of nice effects including ejecting shell cases from the weapons.

The action then switches to a wooded village where the soldier fights his way to an armoured car and indulges in some friendly fire, for the blood thirsty amongst you there are gore effects in this version.

The location switches again to the battleship where you see the squad fighting their way through the interiors. Ok the quality is poor but it's a must see just to get a glimpse of a working version.

Download Video | Download codec

News Editor

4 new screenshots
Sunday 20th May 2001

We have 4 new screenshots, they are taken from the new godgames H&D2 site. If you have time head over to our screenshots page and take a close look at how the screenshots have improved from the very first ones we published to the latest batch. You can clearly see the advances in the new LS3D engine as all the textures and lighting effects are added.



For all those mafia fans out there, the new Godgames mafia site has opened, I am sure I have seen that button layout style somewhere before, can't think where though.


Godgames H&D2 site opens.
Sunday 20th May 2001

Two official sites in one week, whatever next! The US publisher of H&D2 has opened its own official site with some new screenshots, a forum and a few other sections for you to browse. View site here

The system specs page is interesting and echoes what we were told by Take2, but a PII/Celeron 400 and 64mb RAM coping with the level of detail we have seen lately? Suspect these are minimum requirements only. Its great to see H&D2 getting some much deserved coverage at last, long may it continue.

News Editor

H&D2 at Gamespy
Saturday 19th May 2001

GameSpy have brief preview based on what was on show at E3 today. It doesn't really contain anything new but its interesting all the same and has several quotes from Thomas Pluharik, H&D2 lead designer.

"Players can now see more common citizens and others in the towns. "We call it 'artificial life'," said Tomas Pluhrik, H&D2's game designer. "People moving around, doing logical things, it adds to the realism of the game's environment."

The mention of a release date of Christmas 2002 is hopefully a typo, or maybe they know something we don't!

News Editor

Official Site Launched
Friday 18th May 2001

The new look Official Hidden and dangerous site has arrived, it's much better than the old one now that its free from all that Dynamic HTML, it's fast and easy to navigate. Not all the sections are up and running yet but there is loads of new info on the weapons and characters. Excellent work Illusion. Here is a snip of new info on the Lead character:

Gary Bristol Age: 29
Status: Liuetanant of SOE department

He is living in the darkness of special services and secret operations now. But organizing hidden and dangerous operations was not always his bussines. In the beggining of war he was an ordinary young british officer full of energy to fight German aggression in France. But after his experiences on beaches of Dunkirk he choose alernative way to fight fascist. He have choosed SOE (Special Operations Executive). The newly growing organization created by the impulse of W. Churchill himself. He was selected as one of the most promising officers in the depaertment. Young, hot-blooded, darish.


10 new screenshots & the full E3 Trailer!
Friday 18th May 2001

Godgames (US publisher) have released 10 new screenshots showing some very nice backgrounds and new locations. The pick of the bunch has to be the airfield shots which look very detailed and are sure to have everyone drooling with anticipation. The new screens really show how good the new LS3D engine is, the textures all look very smooth and someone at Illusion obviously like doing skies.


Full E3 H&D2 Trailer

Well its just one of those things, no news for weeks then it all comes at once! A massive 43mb, 2 and half minute long movie in "Bink Video" format has been released and is available to download. (With a 56k modem will take approx. 2 hours 40 minutes.)

It includes the footage that had us all drooling in the mini-trailer and much more besides. Footage of planes, jeeps and even more action, if you see one trailer this year make sure it's this one!

One slight disappointment is the soundtrack, in the AVI we saw at out visit someone was whistling the H&D tune in the background, very cool touch but sadly that's not in this version.

We said after our visit it looked like being one of the best games we had ever seen and I think this backs us up. Hopefully we will get some news about the multiplayer demo soon, and more impressions from E3 today when H&D2 is set to be shown on the main stage.

The movie will be available on our "Downloads page" later. It is available now at Bonusweb and Talonsoft.

News Editor

H&D2 at Gamespot
Thursday 17th May 2001

Gamespot have gone WW2 crazy and posted previews of three strategy/shooter PC games including H&D2. Unfortunately there are no new screens but it does include some new details about damage modelling and weapons physics.

"Everything you can hit, shoot or throw stuff at reacts naturally. Fire a gun at a chair for instance, and chips of wood fly in all directions as the chair falls apart, bit-by-bit. Place a grenade underneath it and there won't be enough wood left around to start a small fire."

With E3 underway we should start seeing a few hands-on impressions from the GOD stand where the full video and single player demo are on show, so keep checking back for the latest news. View report

H&D2 First look
Tuesday 15th May 2001

3-D Action planet have posted a "First look" at Hidden and Dangerous2, if you have read our own report and visited our screenshots page then don't bother reading it as there is no new information. Click here to view


Future of this site
Sunday 13th May 2001

I just thought I would bring you all up to date with what's happening with the site and what you can expect to see over the coming weeks.

At the moment we are busy working on the Hidden and Dangerous 2 Weapons and Vehicles pages, our current pages are all about Hidden and dangerous (the original) and Fight for Freedom/Devils Bridge. We still need some more information on the weapons & vehicles (renders) to complete the page, but we hope to finish it soon. We are also designing a new clan page so you can all view the many new H&D clans that are springing up around the globe.

The main change that you will all notice in the future will be the news page, as you can see by the current poll, most of you would like to see more news on other War games. We have discussed this option and have come up with the following plan. We will print all major news that we feel the general H&D community should know, this will include news about ALL war games that are in production. Minor news will be posted on the general forum. We have one of the best on-line News editors in Fugue so you will not miss anything.

We are still primarily a H&D2 site and that will not change as long as there is a need for it. The two next major news stories we are trying to nail down are the release of the full movie and the much anticipated Multiplayer demo. We hope to bring the move this month, as for the demo, well we are not really sure.

We are also going to try and arrange some very short live chat interviews via our chat channel to anyone that will speak to us (Illusion Softworks or take2). We cannot promise that this will happen but we will certainly try.

Some of you have been mentioning that you would like to contribute to making a Walkthrough for this site covering Hidden and Dangerous and FFF/DB. We would welcome this and credit it to who ever contributed to it. So if you would like to contribute please mail me and I will see how many are interested.

We enjoy running and developing this site and receive hundreds of mails from you the fans telling us how much you enjoy it. I can't reply to you all but thanks for the messages, it makes us feel we are doing a good job.


H&D2 E3 Report
Friday 11th May 2001

God Games the new producers of Hidden and Dangerous 2 have posted an E3 preview of the game.

For those of you who do not know what E3 is, its the largest computer games show on the planet, and an excellent opportunity to show off your product to the gaming public and media. So what kind of preview have God Games given us, the fans of H&D2 from the largest gaming show on earth........

Well they have given us two things: The world's shortest preview, and probably the world's worst preview. It tells us nothing about the game and has 6 old screenshots available. Its not even worth reading, we only printed it because its news, and we know how rare H&D2 news can be.

I am sure that their was loads of new info available for the show, as a new single player demo is reported to be running, but I guess we will have to wait until the fan sites report on it. Once we have a real preview from E3 we will let you all know.


H&D2 Video Arrival
Thursday 3rd May 2001

Once in a while I find something so good it makes all the news searching worthwhile, over at Bluesnews I noticed the words H&D2 Movie! Take2 and Illusion got together and have released a slightly shortened version of the full official video we saw at our recent visit. Here's a snip from "Bonusweb"who were one of the first to view the video.

Petr Vochozka promised that full version of the trailer will be available next week, but (Take 2) prevented this to happen. However, impatience of gamers eagerly awaiting Hidden & Dangerous 2 made Illusion Softworks developers and Take 2 Interactive create a shorter version of the trailer, which was published today."

I have just watched the 1 minute,12.8mb movie (in mpeg format) and its fantastic. Ok its not the full version and the sound is a bit rough but it will give you an idea of why we raved so much in our report. Remember everything you see is in-game footage, not FMV. What are you waiting for! Go and get it here.

Finally everyone can see the game in action, it may only be a short movie but we guarantee it will be watched over and over again. Some sites linking to the movie assumed it was FMV and you can see why. These amazing screens were snapped from the movie so if you haven't got round to downloading it yet you can see what you are missing!

Movie Pic
Movie Pic
Movie Pic
Movie Pic
Movie Pic

News Editor

10 New Screenshots
Tuesday 1st May 2001

We have been sent a whole batch of new (well we haven't seen them before!) screenshots by an Argentinean Gaming magazine; although these are mainly from the old build they include many new interiors/exteriors.

Most are set around the village and on the battleships, the others appear to be from the factory complex shots released some time ago. Many thanks to Xtreme PC Magazine for forwarding them.

Click here to view the screenshots

Site Announcement
Saturday 28th April 2001

To everyone sending in mails about the Movie/Screenshots mentioned in our report. Sorry but we still have not received anything from Take2, we are still constantly scouring the net for news and will keep you up to date.

It would really help to reduce the workload if we could just say any updates will be posted on the news page. Thanks.

With E3 just weeks away we hope the movie will be released soon, it may well depend on the whether a playable version is ready for the show, so please bear with us.

Mack & Fugue

New Poll
Thursday 26th April 2001

Here are the results of the last poll:

Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
which game apart from H&D2 are you most looking forward to?"
Total Votes 304
 Mafia (53) 17%
 Flashpoint (91) 30%
 MOH: Allied Assault (23) 8%
 Sudden Strike addon (9) 3%
 Return to Wolfenstein (26) 9%
 WW2 Online (24) 8%
 Battlefield 1942 (44) 14%
 Team Fortress 2 (34) 11%

A new poll is now up, thanks for voting.



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