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30/03 New poll and other news
29/03 More H&D2 Clans
28/03 We visit Take2 Interactive
17/03 Chat channel added
16/03 Tip of the week
16/03 Poll Results
15/03 5 New Screenshots
09/03 2 More Screenshots
08/03 5 New Screenshots
04/03 War Looks Certain
03/03 Important Poll Information
02/03 Tip of the week
01/03 Final 2 Screenshots

Poll Results
Friday 30th March 2001

Here are the final poll results, the Flamethrower was voted as the weapon you would most like to see in H&D2. These results are now off to illusion Softworks

Other News
The new Quiz has been uploaded and the league updated. We have also upload a new screenshot for the competition, both the quiz and the screenshot comp can be found on the competitions page

The tips page has also been updated. And we have a new poll, so get voting.

what new weapon would you MOST like to see in H&D2?
Total Votes 292
 Flame Thrower (71) 24%
 Vickers or Twin Vickers MG (33) 11%
 Molotov cocktail (32) 11%
 Bayonet (22) 8%
 Gewehr 43 (6) 2%
 Piat Anti Tank Gun (4) 1%
 Panzerchreck (7) 2%
 88mm Cannon (17) 6%
 Bergman Submachine Gun (5) 2%
 M3A1 Grease Gun (6) 2%
 M1910 Maxim (2) 1%
 Browning Automatic Rifle (17) 6%
 M1 Garand (14) 5%
 Mortar (56) 19%


More H&D2 Clans
Thursday 29th March 2001

More new clans are being added to the clan page, the clans are mostly inactive and in recruitment stage at the moment, although some are active in other games such as Delta Force, Counter Strike and Strike force. Here are the latest three clans advertising for members.

1st Canadian Sharp Shooters

1st SAS Sabre Squadron

Honorable United Mercenaries H.U.M

We visit Take2
Wednesday 28th March 2001

Regulars to the site may already know that the nice people at Take2 invited us down to their UK studio's to view the latest code of H&D2 in action some time ago, well due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to make the visit, until now that is. We have just received confirmation from Take2 that we will be visiting them on the 4th April, that's next Wednesday.

We will be interviewing the UK producer of Hidden and dangerous 2 to find out what we can about how the game is developing, and what if anything has changed since the last press release. The highlight of the trip though will be the viewing of "The latest code" of Hidden and Dangerous 2 in action, we also hope to come back with some new screenshots of the game.

We are all looking forward to the trip and wish to thank Take2 for making the time in what must be a very hectic schedule. You can read all about our visit in a full comprehensive report shortly after we return.


Chat Channel
Saturday 17th March 2001

We have added a chat channel to the site, if can be accessed from the forum page and also from the link on this news page. It goes without saying please be civil and no swearing, registration is not required so go have a chat with the other H&D2 fans. Its also great for setting up Multiplayer games.

Please note that it can take about 30 seconds to activate, please be patient.

Click here to chat now

Tip of the Week
Friday 16th March 2001

This weeks Tip of the week has been chosen, well done to 2Horse, for more tips or to submit a tip goto our tips and tactics page

C3 missions 1&3 FFF/DB

Don't attempt 'silent kills' , sneaking up and kniving enemies that are "Crouched down", as due to a bug, they'll stay crouched and remain 'invincible/impervious to sheffield steel'. Best tactic to get by this is to either rush them in the last 5 feet and 'hug' them as close as you can! Don't give them space or they will fire, probably ruining your mission.If you are lucky they might 'Stand' and open themselves up for some 'throat-cutting'. Another tactic to try and get them to change posture/position is a bit of distraction.Try using buildings,walls,fences to block their vision of you , but get close enough so they can hear you. With a bit of 'noise making'(your character shuffling back and forth behind cover), you should provoke them into a reaction where you can 'jump' them when they come investigating. Try it, its fun! .

Poll Results
Friday 16th March 2001

We asked you at the request of Illusion Softworks:

what network connection would you like to use in H&D2?

TCP/IP internet with friends (H&D1) style 27%
internet via lobby server (aka. GameSpy, HeatNet, etc.) 34%
local area network TCP/IP 27%
local area network IPX 5%
serial (null-modem) cable for 2 computers 1%
modem-to-modem conection via phone (without internet) 4%

A new poll has been set, thank you for voting.

5 New Screenshots
Thursday 15th March 2001

Some new screenshots have been released; these are almost certainly from the same build shown by Illusion at the recent press conference. For the first time we can see fully equipped German troops with gear and weapons, and what looks like that eagerly awaited North Africa campaign!

The LS3D engine is looking superb, the unofficial video certainly showed how good the animation is set to be and coupled with the level of detail shown here H&D2 is looking better all the time. Some of these settings have been seen before, aboard the battleship and a wooded village.
The aircraft hangar in the desert and the submarine exterior are new and are bound to please H&D fans who have often placed both scenarios high on wish lists. The SAS's first successful raids were on airfields deep inside enemy territory, many H&D missions were based loosely on actual events and this looks set to continue.
There will be stiff competition this year from the likes of Flashpoint; Battlefield 1942, MOH: Allied Assault etc, looking at these however really makes you think H&D2 will be the pick of the bunch. The attention to detail is what will set this game apart, the programmers at Illusion really go to enormous lengths to create a realistic atmosphere.
The detail on uniforms is excellent, right down to the bottom of the walking guard's boot! Gone are the shadows stuck to the characters feet, replaced with cast shadows on walls and floors. While key holes in drawers and folded towels might seem a bit superfluous its these touches that create the believable environments which made H&D such a good game.
Thanks to for the screenshots.

News Editor

2 More screenshots
Friday 9th March 2001

First an apology, we wrongly assumed one of the screenshots was new, in fact it was Pic18 in our gallery. (We all make mistakes, have another look anyway) The night-time shot is very atmospheric, with more of an emphasis on stealth sneaking into bases like these is
set to be a high point in the sequel.

With more multiplayer options promised defending a scenario like this against another team should be excellent, the game is starting to look and sound like a combination of the best bits of H&D and Project IGI. And with the latter missing a multiplayer option H&D2 could find a whole new fan base.

Two more good exterior shots, (one of these has appeared in the US edition of PCGamer magazine) with a very nice farm building thrown in, we hope to bring you more screenshots soon so keep visiting the site to get the latest updates. If you have any comments please visit our forums, your opinions are valued by us and Take2 / Illusion.

News Editor

5 New screenshots
Thursday 8th March 2001

As if last week wasn't good enough we have another five screenshots, once again the quality is very good and Illusions style is really starting to show. H&D's great strength was attention to detail and the same goes for these, aftershave? bottles and towels draped over the bath with as much effort put into decorations as the objects in the room.

The second shot of what looks like a guardroom is nicely lit; the shadow and lighting effects of the LS3D engine look excellent. Three more screenshots tomorrow showing some nice exterior views including another superbly night time shot, sorry to keep you waiting but these are hard to come by!

News Editor


War looks Certain
Sunday 4th March 2001

Well with the confirmation of a 3 level multiplayer demo due out later this year war looks certain. We have news of national service call ups in both Uk and USA, we also heard a rumor that Portugal may be also mobilising troops but this is unconfirmed at the moment. We also know that some countries are recruiting foreign troops to fight for their cause.

If you want to know know more on this breaking news visit our clan page here.

Important poll information
Saturday 3rd March 2001

Firstly here is the last poll results:

We asked you:
Minimum specs are getting higher, many games need a PIII450, whats yours?

You Voted:

1. 350MHZ or less - 11%
2. 450-700 MHZ - 39%
3. 700-900mhz - 34%
4. 1GHZ-1.5GHZ - 14%
5. I have a Kray - 3%

The new poll that we have up is a direct request from illusion Softworks, they want to know what Networking option you prefer, they have stressed that they will try and support all Network choices but they really want to know what is your favorite, they can then concentrate on this particular one.

So please make every effort to vote on this one, it is important and will have a direct impact on how the networking of H&D2 is tailored. Also keep posting on the forums, they are frequently read by Take2 and Illusion Softworks. This also proves how dedicated Illusion Softworks are to making sure the H&D community get the game they want, if only all software companies had this respect for their fans.


Tip of the Week
Friday 2nd March 2001

This weeks Tip of the week has been chosen, well done to Captain Darling, for more tips or to submit a tip goto our tips and tactics page

C1M4 and other open air daylight missions

Take the Soldier Robert Vangaurd, equip him with a regular rifle and plenty of amunition. He's an absolute killer if you leave him on his own. He see's an enamy and plugs them, If he has the rifle he'll usually do it in one shot. In C1M4 I had him and a guy with Bren up on the hill overlooking the village. I sent a guy into the village and watched the 2 guys on the hill take out every one of the charging Germans.
-Captain Darling

Final 2 screenshots
Thursday 1st March 2001

Feast your eyes on these, one has already appeared in the US edition of PCGamer but for the rest of us these are the best interior screens so far. The shot of what looks like the interior of the battleship is stunning; the detail is amazing and looks so sharp it could almost be a photograph.

H&D is still one of the most atmospheric games around and the sequel looks set to continue this with rolling landscapes and some of the most detailed buildings seen in a game. Keep checking back for updates, we will continue to bring you the best and most in depth H&D2 news on the net.

News Editor



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