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28/06 Allied Assault update
27/06 H&D2 Interview at H&D Fanatic
26/06 Operation Flashpoint Review
23/06 News From The front
22/06 Illusion request another poll
21/06 Official MOH: Allied Assault Site Update
21/06 New Screenshots (from Movie)
18/06 Site Changes
15/06 Cheating Flashpoint 3-D Ghost
14/06 New Poll
14/06 MOH: Allies Assault Q&A
12/16 Back in Business
08/06 New page opens
07/06 Commandos 2 at PCZone
06/06 EA's official Allied Assault site.
04/06 New Bonusweb H&D2 Video
03/06 Sudden Strike Forever
01/06 Site changes and Poll

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News from the front

Allied Assault update
Thursday 28th June 2001

EA's official MOH: Allied Assault site includes new weapons details and screenshots. The three new shots are of the Normandy campaign showing various sniper rifle views. The new weapon featured is the BAR and includes a brief bit of history and a render. Also added to the community section are two good fan sites that are well worth checking out.

Ghost Recon at pc.ign

I have to admit I was sceptical about this new direction for the Rainbow Six series (before you start, yes I know its not a RS game :) This preview goes into a lot of detail and includes a small gallery, which it has to be said contains some very nice looking screenshots. Here's a snip about some of the games missions….

"The Gold Mountain mission also involves the rescue of a downed pilot but takes place in a sniper infested urban setting. Lots of bystanders will complicate things as you try to grab the pilot and get him to the extraction zone. Another level tasks you with destroying a bridge guarded by numerous enemy soldiers."

The game is definitely heading into OFP and H&D territory, and with such a massive fan base behind it already is bound to be a success.
Source: Voodoo Extreme.

Soldier Of Fortune 2 preview.

PCZone have posted a Q&A with the games project leader, once again its very in depth and has those lovely repeated screenshots throughout, sigh. For the blood thirsty & trigger happy among us this is well worth a read.
Source : Blue's News

News Editor

H&D2 interview at H&D Fanatic.
Wednesday 27th June 2001

Lickshot from H&D Fanatic sent word that they have posted an interview with Tomas Pluharik and some of the H&D2 team. It covers many aspects including their favourite weapons. Here's a snip…….

"H&D Fanatic - Are you incorporating any sort of random enemy placement to enhance the replayability of missions in Hidden & Dangerous 2? How are you designing the game to have more replay value than its predecessor?
Tomas Pluharik - I am not a great friend of the random enemies setting. I hope that we can increase replayability by incorporating new single player styles (Lone wolf etc.) and by giving the player more ways to complete the mission. In the first mission you have three different insertion points (by foot, by car, by sea).

Some very interesting questions and well worth a read, the full interview can be found here.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the site it is one of the original H&D fan sites. Unfortunately the sites webmaster "Duskwalker" was involved in an accident and although the forums remained active the site was never updated. H&D Fanatic is now part of the 3D action planet network and is being updated regularly, its nice to see a few more fan sites on the scene.

News Editor

Flashpoint Review
Tuesday 26th June 2001

Well at long last our Operation Flashpoint review is complete, the review has 8 new screenshots and is our largest to date. If you are a Hidden and Dangerous fan and have not decided whether to buy this game yet, our review will be very helpful.

Check it out here.

Operation Flashpoint update details.

Over at Seventh's OFP site are details of forthcoming upgrades including screenshots of new weapons, vehicles and aircraft. The first update is due in July followed by a second in August, and finally a third in September to coincide with the US release.

Its an impressive list but what seems to be missing is "optimised network code", here's hoping us 56k owners aren't left out in the cold. For more details check out the sites news page.


News from the Front
Saturday 23rd June 2001

This weeks News from the front has been uploaded, we have a look at Flashpoint on the week it was released and also report on WWII On-line as well as the usual site updates on what's been happening since last week.

View it here


Illusion request another poll
Friday 22nd June 2001

The results of the last poll are here, a new poll is up and it's a requested poll from Illusion Softworks so please take the time to vote on it. Illusion basically want to know what multiplayer options would be best for the game.

H&D2 Poll
Which of these is the most important improvement for H&D2?
Total Votes 121
 Graphics (23) 19%
 A. I. (59) 49%
 Multiplayer options (16) 13%
 More Realism (15) 12%
 More Weapons (6) 5%
 More Vehicles (2) 2%

If you are unsure of the questions in the new poll look on the forum under poll help and we will explain it :)


Official MOH: Allied Assault site update.
Thursday 21st June 2001

EA's official site has been updated with three new screenshots of the Omaha beach landings and a weapons profile of the Colt 1911.

This Quake3 powered shooter scooped many awards at E3, rumours of a demo sometime in August are circulating but have not been confirmed.

News Editor

New Screenshots from Movie
Thursday 21st June 2001
Since we have not seen any new H&D2 news for a while we have decided to brighten up the site with a few in-game movie shots. We also know some of you have not seen the movie, so here is a sample of what you are missing.


Site Changes
Monday 18th June 2001

We have made a few changes to the site today. We have added a new email address called this email is for all game related questions, it has been added to the contact page.

The main clan page now only lists the active clans with web sites, a link to the forming clans (Without web sites) can also be found on the page. There are now 5 active clans that play Hidden and Dangerous.

We have launched this sites clan page "Blackwatch" We play H&D2 (when it arrives) Flashpoint, Strikeforce and MOH (when it arrives), but with Operation Flashpoint on General release in Europe this week we expect some battles very soon.


Cheating Flashpoint
3-D Ghost
Friday 15th June 2001

News From The Front

This week we comment on the "Shaky Cam" H&D2" footage as well as a progress report on the nearly completed new site pages. We feature some excellent Flashpoint screens and much more. Go check it out.

Battle of the 3D cards

Anyone looking to upgrade their video card to enjoy H&D2 in all its glory may want to have a look at this comparison between two new cards, The Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 and Nvidia's Geforce2 MX 400. Both have 64mb of memory on board and are very reasonably priced. Check out the article here
Source: Bluesnews

Fan sites review of Flashpoint have posted a hands on review and gave it a whopping 98% score.
"When it comes out BUY IT! You really wont regret it but remember you will not go back to any other game"
Well maybe he never heard of H&D :) Check out the full review here

Ghost Recon preview.

PCZone have a detailed preview of Ghost Recon, the first in the series to break away from the indoor environments and head off into the big outdoors. Here's a snip
"Love it or can't be arsed to get bogged down by waypoints or tactical planning or annoyed with stupid hostages, the Rainbow Six franchise has been a great commercial success. "
Once again the article is full of repeated screenshots (why do they do that?), read the rest in the preview section here.

Online gaming and those cheating Scumbags.

Over at VoodooExtreme I noticed a very interesting article about the problem of cheats, with the release of Flashpoint next week lets just hope Codemasters have done enough to keep the game fun and fair.
The article is well worth a read.

News Editor

Poll Part 1
Thursday 14th June 2001

The first part of our Multiplayer poll is complete, we had some server problems during the poll that may account for the low voting turn out. We hope to double the vote on the second part of the poll.

Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
Multi H&D2, which style is your favourite out of these?
Total Votes 113
 Capture The Flag (21) 19%
 King of the hill (13) 12%
 Team Deathmatch (67) 59%
 Deathmatch (12) 11%


MOH: Allied Assault Q&A
Thursday 14th June 2001

Voodoo Extreme have posted a Q&A with the games producer at developers 2015. The game should be finished and on the shelves later this year.

Voodoo Extreme -- "Was the E3 demo of Allied Assault representative of the actual gameplay in the game? Can we really expect to see all that activity combined with the AI of the soldiers shown in the demo?"

Vince Zampella -- "The gameplay in D-day is very chaotic, we wanted to capture a little of the overwhelming feeling of what it must have been like. Other areas of the game represent different types of gameplay."

The full article can be found here

Also some new screenshots from the Omaha beach landing have been posted on the official website.

Source: Specforce.

News Editor

Back in business
Tuesday 12th June 2001

Just to bring those who missed the posts on the forums up to date with events last week and over the weekend…………

Czech based gaming site Bonusweb held a live chat session last Thursday night with Martin Benes (H&D2 lead 2D artist) and Peter Kubek (H&D2 lead 3D artist). The English translation is available here along with three screenshots of the design work, which can be seen here.
Many thanks to Z. Polach at Bonusweb for making this available and passing on the news.

Soldier of Fortune 2 at Gamespot.

Gamespot have a very good preview of Raven's sequel including new screenshots and a weapons list. One of the games most interesting features is a random mission generator, but at a heavy price! Here's a snip

"Raven will be including a random mission generator that will create new playable levels on the fly. Although this has yet to be fully implemented, we were told that it will create a few different kinds of missions, including "infiltration," "demolition, " and "rescue hostage" types of levels. The random mission generator is coming at a price, however, as it is being included in place of a multiplayer mode."

There are currently no plans to implement a multiplayer mode after the games release. Read the full preview here.
Source: Bluesnews

Operation Flashpoint competition

Fancy winning a copy of Flashpoint a full week before the game hits the shelves next Friday?

PCZone are giving away two copies each day, all you have to do is answer a simple question.
(For UK residents only).
More details here.



News Editor

New page opens
Friday 8th June 2001

Today we have opened up another new section of the site, its called "News from the front". This section is where we bring you up to date with what is happening with the site and cast a critical eye over the weeks events. We also show you new screenshots from other games as well as discuss them. Check it out here.

We have also redesigned the links page and added loads of great new site links in many new categories, check it out here.


Commandos 2 at PCZone.
Thursday 7th June 2001

Saw via Bluesnews that UK gaming magazine PCZone have posted a very detailed hands on preview of Pyro Studio's WW2 strategy sequel, which is due out later this month. Here's a snip…..

"The new game has three difficulty settings, so die-hard fans of the original's near-impossible gameplay will still be able to play in that style, while most of us switch to an enjoyable challenge. That isn't to say that playing on the lowest setting is a breeze. 'The first time you come to the game even the easiest setting is difficult,"

The article is very in depth and includes a few (often repeated) screenshots, check out the full preview here.


News Editor

EA's official Allied Assault site.
Wednesday 6th June 2001

Electronics Arts have launched their new Medal Of Honor :Allied Assault website to commemorate D-day, the game has a very dramatic recreation of the Omaha Beach landings shown at E3 last month.

Although a fairly small site at the moment it does have a screenshot gallery, history, details about the games military advisors and some campaign info. The Quake3 engine powered shooter should be available later this year.


News Editor

New Bonusweb H&D2 video
Monday 4th June 2001

Czech gaming site Bonusweb have posted a new video, another version of the E3 presentation by Thomas Pluharik but this time with English commentary. It's in AVI format and is approx. 22mb. (Note: you will need the DivX codec on the same page if you haven't got it already).

The locations are the same as the previous video but you see more animations and an excellent scene where the soldier has his Sten gun shot out of his hands! The site also mentions the game should be finished by Christmas but is unlikely to hit the shelves until early 2002, as the team would like more time for betatesting. Many thanks to Z. Polach at Bonusweb for passing on the news. Grab it here


News Editor

Sudden Strike Forever
Sunday 3rd June 2001

While snooping around for more H&D2 news I noticed at Bluesnews that Gamespy have a very detailed preview of the add-on for Sudden Strike. If you've never seen the game before it's a very good WW2 Real Time Strategy with a deserved reputation for being almost impossibly hard

It does feature excellent graphics, hundreds of units and massive battles with infantry, snipers, armour, aircraft, artillery and more. The new pack also includes a mission editor so expect masses of user maps to download, it also addresses many gameplay problems with the first game but it will still be just as challenging. So if you fancy the odd 10 hour mission (no not joking, some can take that long!) the add-on is due to hit the shelves in Europe sometime in July. Read the full preview here

News Editor

Site changes & poll
Friday 1st June 2001

You may have noticed that the news page has changed slightly. We felt that more room was needed at the top of the news page so we moved everything. It does not take Sherlock Holmes to find them, but for the short sighted here is a list of changes.
Search Engine is now below the bullet buttons
Counter and in-live is now below search engine

Poll Results

Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
What kind of first aid would you prefer in H&D2?
Total Votes 173
 Field medics 103 Votes
 First aid kits 50 Votes
 None at all 17 Votes
 I cheat with Godmode 3 Votes

A new poll is now up and running, get voting.



Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
Multi H&D2, which style is your favourite out of these?

Capture The Flag
King of the hill
Team Deathmatch

View Results

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