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31/07 Operation Flashpoint Update/Patch news.
29/07 Poll Results
28/07 News Roundup
26/07 New MOH Movie
21/07 News From The Front and New Poll
20/07 Addon for H&D2?
19/07 News Updates and Forums
15/07 News From The Front & Flashpoint coop
13/07 Mafia Faces
12/07 Official Site update and new renders
12/07 Clan News
11/07 Q&A with Michal Bacik
11/07 Commandos 2 News
11/07 New H&D2 Q&A
10/07 More OFP Site Closures
09/07 The Price of Success
09/07 Poll Results
07/07 News From The Front
06/07 New Site Feature
05/07 PCZone details on-line
01/07 H&D2 in PCZone

Operation Flashpoint Update/Patch news.
Tuesday 31st July 2001

Several OFP sites are reporting the first patch and updates are ready, according to PCZone the patch will be available tomorrow (Wednesday) and the update is due on Friday. The Codemasters press release is available here………

According to the same site AxleOnline has a few screenshots of the new vehicles


News Editor

Poll Results
Thursday 26th July 2001

Here are the results of the last poll, not many voted but with the holiday season in full swing it's hardly suprising.

H&D2 Poll
Is it wrong to take pleasure from playing games that recreate tragic battles like Omaha beach?
Total Votes 147
 Yes (41) 28%
 No (106) 72%

A new poll is up, get voting.


News Roundup
Saturday 28th July 2001

News From The Front

This week Fugue talks about Max Payne the new game from Take2 and raises an interesting question about 1st & 3rd person perspectives, this may be one for the forum debates :)


Operation Flashpoint, Update news.

Codemasters have teamed up with a marketing company to find out just what OFP fans want in the future. A questionnaire is available here…
It covers everything from what sort of vehicles and new weapons you would like to see, this is an excellent idea to get some feedback so take some time to fill the form in.

Commandos 2 Movie.

A 1 minute long, 13.5mb movie has been released by Pyro Studios, the game is currently due to ship sometime in September and a PSX2 version to follow. The new footage shows swimming, demolitions and the squad taking on tank! Well worth checking out.

Battlefield 1942.

PC.IGN have posted a preview of this very ambitious WW2 shooter which allows players to take charge of troops. Vehicles, planes and even ships. The article is based around an interview with developers Digital Illusions senior programmer Johan Persson. Originally due for release this autumn the game is now expected sometime in early 2002. Read the full article here……

New Allied Assault screenshots.

Gamespot have posted some very nice new screens of EA's Saving Private Ryan inspired shooter due this autumn. The news screens show off some very nice lighting effects and can be seen here….
Source: Specforce

News Editor

New MOH Movie
Thursday 26th July 2001

Firefly from the Trailblazers clan has informed me that a new Allied Assault movie has been released over at the official site.

The movie is part of a series of clips being released, it is in quicktime format and weighs in at 4.67meg for the low res version, and 14meg for the high res version.


News From The Front & New poll
Saturday 21st July 2001

This weeks News from the front is up and includes screenshots from Max Payne, MOH, OFP and Ghost recon, as well as the usual site news and many gaming links.

Here are the final poll results:

H&D2 Poll
Would you like to be able to reload your weapon while running (unrealistic)?
Total Votes 190
 Yes (151) 79%
 No (39) 21%

The new poll has been uploaded, thank you for voting.


Add-on for H&D2, already?
Friday 20th July 2001

News has surfaced on a Russian site about a planned add-on for H&D2, although not the worlds best translation here is the text.

"Simultaneously with end of works above Hidden and Dangerous 2, company Illusion Softworks has started creation of the first official addition to this tactical simulator of times of the Second World war. According to the informal data, the set of new missions will appear in the beginning of March of the next year and will offer players two new campaigns, one and a half ten arms and some sorts of mobile engineering. As to the third part of a serial it arrives under the big questions as the main designer and in combination (?. Ed) the project, dreams to engage in manufacture of the science-fiction insurgent." (?? Again Ed.)

This is all speculative as the game may not even be out by next March?

News Editor

News updates and forums.
Thursday 19th July 2001

For the time being all other games news will posted in one weekly update rather than adding small items each time an article/screenshots appears. We have a lot on at the moment getting ready for the big "1st Birthday" week in August so this will just save a bit of time.

If you haven't seen them already we have a new forum layout and have added Tech Support and H&D1 boards, with so many wise old warriors on our site we have a wealth of useless infom…….., er I mean knowledge at our disposal. So if you are stuck on a mission or can't find the right drivers for that 3D card etc get posting.

Commandos 2 at Gamespot UK.

Gamespot have posted a nice preview of Commandos 2, which has been delayed until September. The site also has one of the best galleries around with almost 100 screenshots to browse. Check out the details here….

New Soldier Of Fortune 2 screenshots.

VoodooExtreme received some nice some screens of Raven Software's ultra violent sequel to the controversial Soldier Of Fortune. Although nothing special they do show how detailed this game is going to be. Also included is a brief bit of post E3 news from the "project/admin guy"? explaining how things are progressing.
Read the rest here….

Allied Assault movie.

EA's weekly update includes a nice new movie from Saving Private Ry…….oops, my mistake! Allied Assault (well it's hard to tell the difference). The 15mb movie shows more footage from the Omaha beach mission, which had the gaming world drooling in anticipation at E3. Well worth checking out, and another movie is promised next week.

Ghost Recon screenshots. posted 15 new screenshots of this new squad based shooter from the people who bought you Rainbow Six and the hugely popular Rogue Spear. The new shots are a real improvement on the early releases, although not in the same league as H&D2 (Biased or what!) they really do look pretty good. Some of the comments underneath are a little critical to say the least :) (and a bit off topic)

News Editor

News From The Front
& Flashpoint Coop
Sunday 15th July 2001

News From The Front is now uploaded, MOH info and screens as well as H&D2 news, Commandos2, Soldier of Fortune2, Operation Flashpoint and Mafia. We are sorry about the delay this week, anyway Fugue explains why. Read all about it

Operation Flashpoint Cooperative Campaign

Some bright spark has done what BIS should have done in the first place and made the entire OFP campaign game available to play in co-op multiplayer mode. The files have been posted on a fan site, approx 25mb to download the whole lot. Download the pbo file here

News Editor

Mafia Faces
Friday 13th July 2001
Mafia World have posted the 5 main mafia character renders on their web site. The renders are all made with the same technology that will be used in Hidden and Dangerous 2. Each part of the face is capable of a separate animation, this should allow the character to change facial expressions. If this is the standard of the Soldiers faces in H&D2 it will be amazing.

Click here to view the other characters





Official site update and new renders.
Friday 13th July 2001
Illusion Softwork's H&D2 site has just been updated with a new download section including the E3 screenshots and several new renders of vehicles. Ok these screenshots aren't all new but just have another look at the Oasis and Desert Airport shots, for sheer drop dead gorgeous graphics there really is nothing to compare to H&D2, its in a class of its own!

Thanks to "LuL" for sending the news.

Allied Assault update.

Another week, another update! A (small) screenshot and brief history of the P47 Thunderbolt has been posted on EA's official MOH: Allied Assault site. Check it out here…

One very interesting point about this game I found while snooping around the forums is there will be NO blood, apparently all you will see is "dust" when the bullet hits. That's straight from the developers and at a time when it seems gamers really do want more violent games this is a pretty brave step.

Could it be the slightly controversial aspect of a shooting game based on the horrific Omaha beach landings forced EA/2015 to remove the gore altogether?

News Editor

Clan News
Friday 13th July 2001

Trailblazers clan have suspended "Europeops" due to lack of interest which is a real shame, it is an excellent idea. It's a very simple concept with a points system that will add a bit of competition to those multi games so lets try and get this up and running.

All we need is a few squads to organise players to take part and get the ball rolling, if a couple of players want to team up without forming a clan then that's fine, just get yourself over to Trailblazers site and give it a go. Also need some observers so if you think you can help please contact the site from our clan link.

The Nordic Fighters.

These guys want some SERIOUS & MATURE Flashpoint fans to join them over the summer, sorry but no "Rambo's" allowed :)
They could really do with some help, a lot of practice is required before the OFP dedicated servers are launched in September and "Blackwatch" give their Nordic butts a serious kicking.
If you are interested in taking part in some co-op games and are prepared to work as part of a team then head over to their site.

News Editor

Q&A With Michal Bacik
Thursday 12th July 2001
I had a chat to Michal Bacik about their latest project Atlantica. I know what you are thinking, what has Atlantis got to do with Hidden and Dangerous? Well nothing, but if i told you that Michal Bacik was the lead programmer on Hidden and Dangerous you will see why I am interested in his work. Basically Michal bacik and Radek Bouzek left IS and set up Lonely cat games,

Atlantica is their first game since Hidden and Dangerous. I also must stress that not all the people that created H&D left IS.

Anyway, we have some nice screenshots and an interesting Q&A, here is a snip:

Mack: "Is Atlantica more of a Quake style shootem up or is it more tactical like H&D?"
MB "We plan to include logical tasks, communication with NPCs, interactivity with environment, and solving occasional tasks, so Atlantica won't be a pure shooter. To answer your question, Atlantica will be closer to H&D style of game than to Quake or other shooters."

View the full Q&A here


Commandos 2 news.
Wednesday 11th July 2001

A Commandos 2 fansite has posted news about the delayed release of Pyro studios much-anticipated sequel. Here's a snip…

"Pyro Studios have told us that Commandos 2 will be available in stores around September."

So there you have it, that will no doubt disappoint a lot of people, as yet there is still no news about the demo release, which apparently is finished but so large, Eidos are concerned people wont buy the full version. Now where have we heard that before? Read the full article here…

News Editor

New H&D2 Q&A
Wednesday 11th July 2001

The other Unofficial Hidden and dangerous site (not the orignal unofficial hidden and dangerous site) and none of them to be confused with this site unofficial hidden and dangerous 2 site......anyway they have posted a new Q&A session with
illusion softworks. Some of the questions may have you rolling around the floor laughing, here is my fav:

Q - How will the german soldier react if he discovers 'enemy' footsteps
A - It depends on what you mean with "enemy footsteps". :) He can investigate suspisious things if he will be alerted but most of the enenmies are not superior trackers of Dakota tribe so in most cases he will ignore such things.

But I have to say most of the Questions are good, it also mentions that the Multiplayer demo is still on track for release.
Read the full Q&A here


More OFP Site Closures
Tuesday 10th July 2001

First OFP-Base, then then (yesterdays news) and now
OFP editing centre (lustypooh's site) has closed. This site was by far the best editing centre for OFP and will be sorley missed by the community, here is what Lustypooh had to say:

"I have decided to no longer support Operation Flashpoint. Codemasters renigged on a deal to collaborate with me on my editing site. Instead they are going with Seventh's site which :
a) Has no editing site yet
b) Has not supported the editing community except for a forum.
c) Would not put a link to my site since it was considered a "hack" site.

So, instead of wasting my time being a non appreciated, non paid customer support person for BI Studios and Codemasters I decided to exert my efforts elsewhere. I wasn't looking for a medal or anything ... just some acknowledgement and support from the only people who will financially benefit from my hard work. If you have any questions on how to do mission editing please send them instead to Codemasters or BI Studios care of LustyPooh. Thanks btw folks. I had fun while the ride lasted and met many nice (and smart) people.
Time to enjoy the summer more!
LustyPooh" ."

Draw your own conclusions, we wish him well


The Price of success
Monday 9th July 2001

Well we have just witnessed the death of another great fan site, this time the hammer falls on it was probably the most popular OFP website, here is what they had to say:

"Well bad news, Due to Time, Money and Server problems we're forced to close ...Yes, we really have to close down this site, we've spend over $1200,- just these last 2 month's to keep this site up and running, we've spend countless hours into updating and creating new informations for the Community. But i'm afriad all good has come to an end.."

How many more will share the same fate, it's all down to site popularity, the more hits your site gets the more money it costs to run. Speaking of money, our Domain space & name is up for renewal on August 12th, but as we will only have about 100,000 hits by then, our fee is affordable.


Poll Results
Monday 9th July 2001

The results of the last poll were as follows:

H&D2 Poll
If Illusion decide to make H&D3, what war should it feature?
Total Votes 235
 World War 1 (41) 17%
 WorldWar 2(again) (113) 48%
 Gulf War (65) 28%
 World War 3 (16) 7%

Thanks for voting, a new poll has been made.


News From The Front
Saturday 7th July 2001

This weeks News From The Front talks about the AI programming for Hidden and Dangerous 2 and how improved it is looking since H&D1. We also look ahead to this sites 1st anniversary and the goodies we have in store to celebrate our 1st Birthday. We also have some good screenshots and the latest on Flashpoint and Commandos2. Click here to read this weeks edition.


New Site Feature
Friday 6th July 2001

We are always trying to better the site with new pages to bring you all the information you need. Our latest addition is the release date window. We get many emails asking when certain games are due out, so we know it's a popular subject. Directly above the news is the new release date button, this button will open a small window with all the release dates on the new games that we think you may be interested in buying. These release dates should always be current as we endeavour to check all our information to ensure it is accurate.

If you think we should include a game that is not displayed email me here and we will consider adding it to the list.

Thanks to Fugue for giving me the idea from a forum post he made.


PCZone details online.
Thursday 5th July 2001

Well the article that appeared in the last issue of the magazine is now available online complete with old screenshots and very bad "Tits" jokes throughout. (My sides are splitting) The original text in the magazine annoyed me so much I almost decided not to post this but its still H&D2 news.

Read it in the previews section here…….(If you must)

More Allied Assault weapons

Great to see this site being updated regularly, a new weapons profile has been posted for the German MP40.
Check out the details here..

News Editor

H&D2 article in PCZone Magazine.
Sunday 1st July 2001

The latest edition of the UK gaming magazine has a two page spread which although doesn't include any new screenshots does have some interesting quotes from Tomas Pluharik. TP demonstrated one aspect of the enemy AI, apparently while guards are under the watchful eye of an officer they will move faster, follow orders etc. Once out of sight however they will move slower and react differently. Of particular note is their mention of the projected release date, now Q2 2002. (Let's just hope they are being pessimistic) According to PCZone the team want at least a year to work on the AI, which by the sound of it is already working well.

Conflict Desert Storm news.

The Official Conflict Desert Storm site has been updated with a new development diary and three new screenshots. Check out the details here.
Source: Specforce

News from the front uploaded

This week we look at the latest interview with Tomas Pluharik of illusion Softworks that was posted on H&D Fanatic earlier this week. We also take a look at Commandos 2 and Operation Flashpoint. Click here to read all about it.

News Editor

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