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26/01 Day of Defeat Review
22/01 Last Poll Results
18/01 2 New H&D2 Screenshots
14/01 Release Date
12/01 Mafia Feature
11/01 New Poll Results
10/01 Interview with Illusion Softworks
09/01 Apologise for e-mail Problem
08/01 More Mafia news and LS3D information
06/01 LS3D Engine
02/01 New quiz league

Day of Defeat Review
Friday 26th January 2001

We have uploaded our latest review DAY OF DEFEAT, if you are a H&D fan and own the full version of Half-Life then you are in for a treat. DOD is a WWII total conversion for Half-life, its even worth buying H-L just to play this game. here is a snippet:

"DOD has the most realistic and accurate weapons on any WWII game I have ever played. Not only did they do their homework in the area of graphic details but also in sounds and in effect."

Check out the full review here.

Latest Poll results
Monday 22nd January 2001

The results of the last poll are as follows:
We asked you:
What are you most looking forward to in Hidden and dangerous 2?
You voted -:
New weapons? 5%
Better Engine & Graphics? 31%
Better Artificial Intelligence? 33%
More Multiplayer options? 12%
Playing co-op? 20%

Thanks for voting, the results have been sent to Illusion softworks

New H&D2 Screenshots
Thursday 18th January 2001

Well it's been a long wait but finally some new screens have appeared! have been sent two screenshots by Talonsoft. These really do look good with excellent levels of detail on the backgrounds, the vehicle in the first shot has some nice details. The second image looks like it was taken from the battleship seen in the first batch of screens released some time ago. Unfortunately the views of the soldiers are once again from behind, it would be nice to see a few more detailed shots of the characters.

Keep checking for more news as it appears


Release Date
Sunday 14th January 2001

The UK's February issue of PCZone magazine has a few new details about H&D2, the releases date has apparently been officially set for fourth quarter 2001. The ability to control aircraft in the single player game has been mentioned before, although the amount of control will be limited, in multiplayer modes you will be able to take part in dogfights! (We presume the problem of having a joystick plugged in while H&D is running will be fixed, turning in circles or sidestepping while flying a plane is not going to be easy).

The finale of the game will be an epic battle between the SAS and KGB, PCZone speculates this could lead to H&D3 being set in the cold war years. Although this will not appeal to many who enjoy the WW2 setting it could be an interesting new direction for the series.

Mafia Feature
Friday 12th January 2001

As reported earlier Mafia uses the same technology as Hidden and Dangerous2, this means that by looking at Mafia we can get an Idea of what H&D2 will look like when its finished. PCGamer have just published a special feature on Mafia and this includes some of the best screenshots I have seen. Click here to read the feature.

Also the new Quiz league starts today, only submit an entry if your name appears on the list

Poll results
Thursday 11th January 2001

The results of the last poll are as follows:
We asked you:
If H&D2 had more enemy Soldiers, how would you prefer them to be placed?
You voted -:
Certain Soldiers Respawn after set time? 3%
Enemy reinforcements arrive on edge of map? 59%
Random Patrols? 38%

Thanks for voting, the results have been sent to Illusion softworks

Interview with Illusion
Wednesday 10th January 2001

We don't miss any H&D2 news, if its out there we find it. Fugue found a site ( with a great interview with illusion's Tomas Pluharik, he goes into great detail about the plot, multiplayer, the Ai and many other things. Here is a prieview:

"Yes! Multi player is now at least 40 % of the game it is. There is about 10 styles (Death match, Coop play, CTF, King of the hill etc.) and each style has about 3 substyles. There is also possibility to play singleplayer modifications of levels (Lone wolf, Carnage etc.). "

What are you waiting for? head over to the trenches and read the full interview.

Apology for emails
Tuesday 9th January 2001

I recently upgraded my computer (Dec 22nd) after building it I thought I had installed all my email accounts but I missed one, the one that recieves all the Quiz, players and feedback, (I thought things were a little quiet) Anyway I installed it today any I have a large sackful of mail to wade through, quiz entries, players for the players page, feedback, questions e.t.c

With the new quiz starting in 2 days I will not be able to upload all the correct Quiz entries that relate to the last quiz. I will however add any names to the new league that arrived before Monday.

I apologise for the delay in responding to all the qiuestions and adding players to the list.


More Mafia & LS3D
Monday 8th January 2001

With Mafia due for a Q1 release we are all watching closely as this game will run very similarly to H&D2. The both use the same engine and are both programmed by the same company. More information is being released every day and today is no exception, Fugue just found an interview with the head designer, he also talks about the LS3D engine. Check it out here.

LS3D Engine
Saturday 6th January 2001

To give you an idea of just how good the LS3D engine is, take a look at this Mafia screenshot on the Gamespot website, the attention to detail is quite amazing.

For those of you who don't see the significance of this to H&D2, well H&D2 is using the same engine as Mafia, so expect the same level of detail in Hidden & Dangerous 2.
For more info on Mafia click here

New Quiz League
Tuesday 2nd January 2001

A new quiz league is starting over in the competitions page, if you think you know your stuff about War films, Warfare, Computer games or Hidden & Dangerous, then head over to the competitions page and register your name.

Full details are printed on the competitions page, but basically you are limited to 1 entry per person, no more multiple guessing, and the league will run for 5 weeks then a winner will be announced, 5 new questions every week.


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