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28/02 2 More new Screenshots
28/02 Tomas Pluharik interview
27/02 6 New Screenshots
24/02 Poll Results
23/02 Tip of the week
19/02 Q&A Session Granted
17/02 PSX2 Mafia & H&D2
16/02 Tips and Tactics page opens
11/02 Delta Force Land-Warrior full Review
10/02 H&D/FFF Screenshots needed
01/02 H&D2 Cut-Scene Pics

2 more new screenshots
Wednesday 28th February 2001

Here are the next two as promised, the second shot of a train we have seen set against a very nice backdrop. Comparing this with the earlier train on the bridge screenshot the landscapes are looking just as good as H&D/FFF, with so many SAS missions targeting railway lines maybe we will finally get to blow up a train! The next (yet another rear view) is a new backdrop, nice lighting and shadows as promised by Illusion, the last two will be posted tomorrow. Don't miss them, we really have saved the best till last. Not giving too much away the interior shots are superbly detailed, some of the best we have seen.

News Editor


Tomas Pluharik interview
Wednesday 28th February 2001

Hidden and Dangerous 2 news is still coming in, I just received a mail from the webmaster of they have just published an interview with Tomas Pluharik (lead programmer of H&D2) he is the guy who is answering your questions that you may have submitted. The interview answers some of the questions that you have just asked in the Q&A but not all of them.

Its well worth a read and has some great multiplayer news, anyway go check it out for yourself, read interview.


6! That's right, 6 new screenshots
Tuesday 27th February 2001

We have been given 6 new screenshots that have put the earlier releases to shame, the quality is far superior to anything previously seen. Just to keep you in suspense they will be posted in pairs over the next few days. These are on a par with the excellent Mafia screenshots that really show off the LS3D engine to great effect, the interior shot which appears to be from the battleship is superb.

The first two shots show some nice details particularly in the uniform which looks much better, would be nice to see some shots of the characters faces but these should whet your appetite! More to come over the next few days.


Poll Results
Saturday 24th February 2001

We asked you:
Whats the best war game you have ever played?

The top 5 answers were:

1. Hidden & Dangerous 62%(No suprise there)
2. Sudden Strike 9%
3. Rogue Spear Series 8%
4. Shogun, Counterstrike & Close Combat 4%
5. Steel Panthers & C&C 2%

Tip of the Week
Friday 23rd February 2001

The first Tip of the week has been chosen, well done to Simon Mathews, for more tips or to submit a tip goto our tips and tactics page

C3M5 (Driving Mission)

Takes a bit of practice, but my favourite trick is to lay a timebomb on to of the tank which goes past you right at the start of the mission, you have to climb onto the armoured trucks bonnet, then jump onto the tank as it goes past, set the timer to max (1:30) then when it gets to its planned destination... BOOM! killing quite a few men!
-Simon Matthews

Q&A Gets the Go-ahead
Monday 19th February 2001

I received the go-ahead from Take2 interactive today for another Questions and Answers session with the programmers of Hidden & Dangerous2. For those unfamiliar with this please check out the FAQ page and have a read of what we did last time.

Basically its your chance to put your questions to the programmers, head over to the feedback page and fill out the form, remember to include your name and e-mail address so we can contact you if your question has already been asked or answered.

We can only ask a certain number of questions so its first come first served.

PSX2 Mafia & H&D2
Saturday 17th February 2001

The official Playstation 2 magazine has published details of Mafia, which is set to be released on Sony's new console early in 2002. Producer Andrew Morley is confident that Illusion can deliver a version with graphics as good as the PC version screenshots that we have seen. Illusion are pleased with the single player game and hope to incorporate a split screen multiplayer mode for options such as Capture The Flag and Deathmatches.

Still no official word about H&D2 but the magazine does mention the game as a "Hot title winging its way to the PS2" including a screenshot from the PC version.

Tips and Tactics
Friday 16th February 2001

We opened the Tips & Tactics page tonight, these pages are based entirely on Hidden and Dangerous and Fight for Freedom/Devils Bridge, we will open a Hidden and Dangerous2 section once the game is released.

The new page comes at the expense of "On this day" which we did not really intend to keep going. If you are new to Hidden and Dangerous then I am sure you will find the new pages very useful and informative.

Also thanks to Alexander Merkel & Mattias Eklund for submiting some screenshots for Grenade page, we could not use all of them though.

H&D/FFF Screens
Saturday 10th February 2001

We are about to open a new page called Tips & Tactics, this page will be a comprehensive guide on how to use the various weapons, vehicles e.t.c. in Hidden & Dangerous & FFF. We need 4 more screenshots to complete the page and thought it would be a good idea to ask the H&D community to provide them for us. The best screenshots in each category will be used on the page. Here is what we need:

2 screenshots depicting good use of Hand Grenades
2 screenshots of destroying Tanks (preferably with a Bazooka type weapon.)

Please make your pics either jpg or gif format and 600 pixels wide. Send all screenshots to please leave your name on the e-mail.

H&D2 Cut-Scene Pics
Thursday 1st February 2001

Special thanks to "Steiner" on the forum for posting the link to some fantastic screenshots that we believe to be taken from H&D2 cut-scenes, while this is really in game movie material they are quite stunning. The detail on the aircraft pic of a Mosquito is excellent, far superior to the H&D movies, and those cows almost look real. If these shots are anything to go by the new game is shaping up nicely.

Keep checking for more news as it appears


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