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31/12 "H&D2 will boast 9 styles of play"
29/12 PSX2 Release in March (unconfirmed)
27/12 New Poll Results
27/12 Seasons Greetings
13/12 Project IGI review
08/12 Poll Results
07/12 New Screenshot added
02/12 Poll moved to news page
02/12 The final SAS story

PSX2 Mag claim March release for H&D2!
Friday 29th December 2000

An official Playstation2 mag has printed a March release for H&D2 on the PSX2, describing it as "Superior war game, with the player guiding a team of soldiers behind enemy lines."

This is unconfirmed at the moment and if indeed it has a March release date then the chances are it will not have any Multiplayer code. For more information see our release date news in the November news archive.

Poll results
Wednesday 27th December 2000

The results of the last poll are as follows:
We asked you:
How should the H&D2 save game function be implemented?
You voted -:

Save anytime anywhere 56%
Auto save after mission nosave during missions 19%
A specific number of saves available during missions 24%
No save game at all ever 1%

Thanks for voting, the results have been sent to Illusion softworks

Seasons Greetings
Wednesday 27th December 2000

I hope you all had a Great Christmas and have a fantastic New Year. 2001 is going to be an excellent year for Hidden and Dangerous fans, and we will be bringing you the news as it happens.

Thanks again for your support and comments that made this site the No1 H&D2 site on the Internet.

Project IGI Review
Wednesday 13th December 2000

Fugue has just finished his review of Project IGI, if you are looking for a game to fill the gap between now and H&D2 this may be what you're looking for.

If you want to read a review of this game from a H&D fans perspective click here

Poll results
Friday 8th December 2000

The results of the last poll are as follows:
We asked you:
Should their be Medipacks and Health Pickups in H&D2?
You voted -:

Yes 18%
No 76%
Don't Care 7%

Thanks for voting, the results have been sent to Illusion softworks

New Screenshot
Thursday 7th December 2000

A new screenshot has been added to our collection, it shows a British Soldier on an upstairs balcony overlooking what looks like a small village. The player model graphics look better than in the first soldier screenshot.

Thanks to the H&d Emporium for the shot

Poll moved from Forum
Saturday 2nd December 2000

We have moved the poll from the forum to this page to allow easier voting for those people that do not want to go to the forum page. The poll results are all sent to illusionsoftworks, they do express an interest in how you all vote. I was also told that the forum is checked most days by the game developers.

Final SAS Story
Saturday 2nd December 2000

I hope you have enjoyed reading the true exploits of the SAS during world war II as much as I have, the whole game of H&D1 and 2 is based around this great fighting unit, so its been very interesting to read about what they actually did achieve during the war.

To finish the SAS stories off we have saved the best until last, this story is in 3 parts, part one is up now and parts 2 and 3 will follow. This mission is very daring attack on a heavily defended German HQ consisting of 2 Villas. The mission has similarities with certain H&D missions.

It certainly proves that these men thought nothing of their own safety and indeed deserve the motto "Who Dares Wins"

Read Part 1 now in the War Room

Watch out for more Ranger stories next week


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