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31/08 News Roundup
29/08 No Mans land
26/08 News From The Front
25/08 Official site weapons update & new poll
24/08 News Roundup
22/08 Competition Prizes
17/08 News Roundup
16/08 Down time and competition
13/08 New Vehicle Page open
12/08 Day 1 Winner
11/08 Max Payne Competition
11/08 New Poll
11/08 Walkthrough is here
11/08 Happy Birthday to us :)
10/08 News Roundup
05/08 11 News Screenshots
03/08 News Roundup
02/08 Competition time

News Roundup
Friday 31st August 2001

Sudden Strike 3?

Well not quite, but bears a striking resemblance to CDV's challenging game. (And No Man Land!) It is another RTS set in WW2, this time from a Russian based developer and going by the name of "Blitzkrieg. Sudden Strike looked amazing despite the lack of a 3D engine, but this new game offers just that and a huge range of units. Four shots are available with more in the sites gallery section here…

A general outline of the project is available here…

Ghost Recon Release date.

According to Redstorm's official site Ghost Recon will now be available in November. Despite the rather flat looking graphics this latest addition to the hugely successful Rainbow Six series continues to impress the reviewers. With a proven track record for online gaming, this squad-based shooter is sure to keep co-op fans happy for a while.

Check out the latest preview here, and expect more news from ECTS next week.

Source: Specforce

Lonely Cat.

For anyone who doesn't know what the former employees and creators of H&D are doing now they should check out this new game based on the enhanced Insanity2 engine. Plenty of early work on show here.

Battlefield 1942.

A batch of screenshots (some of which are old) are available here…
Let's just hope this virtual battlefield is a little more successful than WW2 Online :)

Allied Assault weekly update.

This week's addition to the site is information about the Whermacht infantry, not a huge amount of info but it does give you an idea of how the game is aiming for historical realism. Check out the new page here…

Operation Flashpoint News

The American release which includes a huge sack load of goodies, (which the rest of will have to wait a bit longer for) is now hitting the shelves. To celebrate PCIGN have posted their own opinions a gold copy. For those not patient enough to work through the games excellent editor news has emerged that a much simpler mission generator is in the works, for lots of very promising news about multiplayer maps, the netcode and more check out Coldwar Flashpoint fansite here…

News Editor

No mans Land
Wednesday 29th August 2001

Many game sites including this one reported that "No mans land" the new game from prelusion games was a WWI 3rd person shooter. Well the official site has been launched complete with screenshots, the problem is the screenshots show that this game is in fact a Real time strategy game such as sudden strike.

If you are a RTS fan like me then it's not all that bad news, however I was really looking forward to a WWI shooter that plays like H&D. Check out their new official site here.

Thanks to Robert Eberlein for submitting this news


News From The Front
Sunday 26th August 2001

The latest news from the front has information and screenshots from Commandos 2, MOH, Flashpoint and IL-2. We also have information on our ECTS visit and more importantly our planned visit to Take2 studios for a look at H&D2 & Mafia.

Read all the details here.


Official site weapons update. & new poll
Saturday 25th August 2001

Illusion's official site has had a bit of an update, the weapons list has been slightly cropped and there are now some notable omissions from the first list posted in May. Gone are the Allied Flamethrower, several mortars and a Japanese sniper rifle, plus the Boys anti-tank rifle and Panzerbuchse.

And we just finished our weapons pages too :), well no one ever said the list was final and it's just possible this is a mistake, but it looks like the final game could be missing some hardware. If we hear anything more on this it will be posted here ASAP.

Thanks to Lul on the forums for posting the news.

News Editor

Here are the results of the last poll:

H&D2 Poll
What kind of communication in multiplayer do you prefer?
Total Votes 128
 Pre-defined messages (16) 12%
 Console or key-bound "say", "say-team" commands (50) 39%
 Roger Wilco or other kinds of voice communication (62) 48%

A new poll has been uploaded


News Roundup
Friday 24th August 2001

Battlefield 1942.

This is actually an Xbox article but its still nice to find some news about this very nice (and very ambitious) looking WW2 shooter which will allow players to control a huge range of troops, vehicles, ships and planes.

The Q&A with the game's producer Lars Gustavsson covers many aspects of gameplay and includes some screenshots. Currently the game is expected to ship in early 2002. The full article can be found here…….

Soldier Of Fortune 2, Double Helix.

More screenshots of this single player only sequel which looks very promising, despite the lack of multiplayer the developers are working on a truly random mission generator to make up for it.

Source: Bluesnews

No Mans Land.

At last! Something not set in WW2. News has surfaced about a new 3rd person game set in WW1. Here is a brief synopsis.

"Dubbed No Man's Land, it's a third-person view action set at the Western fronts of World War I (somewhere between 1916-1918). The plot evolves steadily as player completes missions, narrating the story of unfortunate fate of private, who found himself in the very heat of back-street intrigues, treachery, and twisted conspiracy in the Headquarters. However, since there are no screenshots yet, nothing can be said on the graphics, which is powered by engine developed at Prelusion Games."

The official site can be found here………

Conflict Desert Storm.

H&D modern battles maybe? This squad based shooter is looking very nice and should be early next on PC and PSX2 & Xbox consoles. There are eight new screens on show, some of which look a little flat but others have some nice lighting effects, well worth checking out here…..

Source: Specforce

Commandos 2.

Finished? Not finished? Who knows :)
Screenshots are still appearing for the PC and PSX2 versions, which might just be making a very belated appearance in the shops next month. Still no word on the apparently huge demo.

Two batches of screens this week which can be found here
Batch 1
Batch 2

Operation Flashpoint, gold in US

Several OFP fan sites have reported the US version has gone Gold and will be shipping to stores soon after August 28th. The patch for the European version should be released about one week later according to recent reports.

Meanwhile lots of screenshots have been appearing of the new helicopters which will be included in the new version, check them out here and more here

News Editor

Competition Prizes
Wednesday 22nd August 2001

I can confirm that the prizes for the Maxpayne competition were shipped yesterday, each of the following people will receive 1 copy of Max Payne and 1 cool Rune tee-shirt very soon.

Mattias Eklund
Mike Panes
Bob Walters
Adam Yurkanin
Ben biglin

Once again thanks to Take2 Interactive for sponsoring the prizes.


News Roundup
Friday 17th August 2001

Allied Assault updates.

PCIGN have posted a very detailed preview of Allied Assault including some screenshots based on their recent hands on preview. The reviewers were given the chance to play through one of the games scouting levels, they came away very impressed and loaded down with a batch of new screenshots. The good news is the system specs don't look too heavy (If you can run Quake 3, you can run Allied Assault) and the game is still on target for release this year despite recent stories saying early 2002 was more likely. Read the full article here

The Official Allied Assault page has something new on offer this week, videos of the team and sound files to download. The PSX games featured excellent effects and music, no doubt the PC version will receive the same treatment.

Ghost Recon preview.

Gamesdomain have previewed RedStorm's latest tactical shooter with new screenshots and are quite positive about the games graphics despite the rather dated looking screenshots. Here's a snip

"Although we only had access to an early alpha version, graphics were already beginning to impress, and improvements were on the way - a high-end system is certainly likely to show off the game at its best. Despite contrary reports, at the time of showing, third-person view was in the game, with evidence that a great deal of detail and attention has been paid to the character models"

A high end system for those graphics? Looks like a slightly more polished version of Landwarrior, and not really in Flashpoint's league. The full article can be found here…

Source: Specforce

Conflict Desert Storm diary.

Yes, another team based shooter! This time set During the Gulf War and although there are no new screenshots it seems the game is progressing well with team producing a Playstation 2 demo disc.

The game should be appearing on shop shelves in early 2002. Check out the official site for the diary and screenshots here

Sudden Strike 2.

Having just released the official add-on for the almost impossibly hard RTS news has surfaced on a Russian site of CDV's sequel including a few very early screenshots. All the early details can be found here

The Dirty, sorry Deadly Dozen.

Some screens have been released of this budget WW2 game due for release later this year, and it has to be said they look ok. It sounds and looks like a mix of Allied Assault, H&D and Rainbow Six, but with EA's SPR look-a-like due at the same time you really have to wonder whether gamers will be even glancing at this one. The article can be found here

Or visit the developers official site here

News Editor

Down time & Competition
Thursday 16th August 2001

Due to routing problems with the main Telecommunications centre in London certain servers have been down today, one of them was ours, because of this no one was able to enter the competition at all between 11:00am and 5:30pm. We have taken the decision to extend the final days competition 1 more day, so if you have not entered head over to the competition page and you could win a copy of Max Payne.


Vehicle Page opens
Monday 13th August 2001

The new Vehicle pages are now open, we have the full comprehensive list of the vehicles from Hidden and Dangerous 2, complete with photograph and in some cases renders.

We will keep updating the page are more renders are released by Take 2. To view the new page click here


Day 1 Winner
Sunday 12th August 2001
Well the first competition only had 14 correct entries so we had to put all the names into a hat and Sniper drew the winner. And that person is:

Mattias Eklund
Congratulations a copy of Max Payne + a Rune Tee-shirt is on the way to you.
Todays competition is now ready, good luck.

Click here to enter


Max Payne Competition
Saturday 11th August 2001
We are giving away 1 copy of Max Payne and 1 Rune Tee-Shirt everyday for the next 5 days. To win one of these great games simply answer the question on the competition page. No catches, no popups and all addresses will be deleted after the prize has been won, no email adresses will be passed on to any other person, all will be deleted.
If more than one person answers correct we will draw a winner from our virtual hat.

Click here to enter


New Poll
Saturday 11th August 2001

A new poll has been put up at the request of Illusion Softworks, it is regarding the multiplayer communications of the game. So please vote on this one.

Last poll results were as follows:

H&D2 Poll
Which view do you prefer?
Total Votes 238
 1st Person (194) 82%
 3rd Person (44) 18%

No suprises there then.


Saturday 11th August 2001

The walkthrough has just been uploaded for Hidden and Dangerous. Special thanks to David Vrabel and Fermat for putting together what is the best H&D walkthrough I have seen.

So if you are one of the many new recruits to the world of Hidden and Dangerous take a look at this extensive walkthrough. Even if you have completed the game it's worth a read just to see how the experts do some of the more tricky missions.

View it here


Happy Birthday
Saturday 11th August 2001

One year, and over 100,000 hits later we have a massive update for the site ready. Dvrabel and Fermat have completed a superb walkthrough for H&D with detailed maps and text, many thanks to them both for what will be an excellent addition to the site.

As promised the new Vehicles and weapons pages are finished, the re-design includes renders, screenshots and detailed text on all the new H&D2 equipment. Because not all the renders have been released we will be updating the pages as soon as more become available, this has been a huge job for us (Mainly Sniper) and some regulars on the forums who kindly gave up some time to search for information. (Big01 and EGTS).

A series of stories based on SAS Scud busting patrols will be posted next week, we will be trying to keep this popular site section updated as much as possible with more recent events and conflicts. (Having exhausted most of my WW2 material).

The competitions will be running with the stunning Max Payne up for grabs plus some nice Rune T-shirts, all courtesy of Take2. Unfortunately the publishers of a new book on the early days of the SAS have decided not to supply us with a review copy, (Nice of them to let me know, and not bother to reply to my mails. ). Well never mind, having spent most of my spare time leaping around in slow-mo it's safe to say what we have got is excellent. A new question will be posted around 18:00 GMT each day, please be careful to read the rules before sending your answer.

Due to the huge amount of data being uploaded we will be opening the new sections one at a time. The first update is to be the weapons page, this should be active now.

Mack, Fugue, Sniper & Trebbs
Site team

News Roundup
Friday 10th August 2001

News From The Front

This weeks news from the front is up, we have lots of interesting news for you to read, especially on the new H&D2 screens. Read it here.

Operation Flashpoint update.

The first official update (not a patch) has been released and adds new vehicles, aircraft, weapons and missions. The files can be downloaded as one pack or individually from Codemasters site here…….

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix.

Lots of news this week including a batch of new screenshots from this Quake 3 engine shooter. 11 screenshots (not all new) have been posted here…….

Plus the Gamepsy developers diary has been updated including details of the games sound designer Zachary Quarles work on creating gun sounds. Interesting stuff for the technically minded.

Source: Bluesnews

Allied Assault, Movie No. 4

The final instalment of the Omaha beach movie series has been posted on EA's official site showing the games hero finally making it off the body covered beach and blasting his way through a series of bunkers.
The 21mb movie in Quicktime format can be found here……..

Gamespy also posted a very nice preview based on a press event held at "Camp EA" (whatever that is), the article states the game should still be hitting the shelves later this year which contradicts recent rumours about a 2002 release. Needless to say they were VERY enthusiastic about the short demo level on show. Read the full article here…..

Ghost Recon.

PCIGN got a sneak peek at Redstorm's latest Rainbow Six game which has made the switch to the great outdoors. The interview with the games lead designer Brian Upton covers everything from squad size to the all important AI. They seem keen to market this as not a Rainbow Six game, but it will no doubt be fans of the previous titles most looking forward to this one. Graphics wise, it has to be said it looks a little dated.
View here

Commandos 2.

Finished? Not finished? Well who knows, at the moment the much anticipated (and delayed) sequel is still awaiting a release date. Earlier this month a late September date was set by developers Eidos, but there are still lots of conflicting reports about the state of the game, the demo still remains a mystery.

News Editor

11 New Screenshots
Sunday 5th August 2001

11 new screenshots have been posted on Bonusweb, the screens are the most detailed to date and show mainly action footage from the game. One of the pics also shows some German armour going to work on some allied soldiers, although we can't see much of the vehicle it looks like a Sdkfz 234/2 "Puma". I also like the one where the allies ambush the Kubelwagon on the bridge.


The compass idea (top left) is a very cool Idea but I am not sure what the numbers in the top right represent. One of the pic's shows quite a detailed view of the new map in action, the way the objectives are just scribbled on the map is an excellent idea, adding to the realism.

Anyway you can view all 11 screenshots at bonusweb or right here in our own gallery


News Roundup
Friday 3rd August 2001

News From The Front

This week we look forward to our 1st Birthday and our new site updates, as well as all the latest gaming chatter. Read it here.

Ghost Recon screenshots.

Redstorm have been busy this week flooding the net with batches of screenshots from their new game which is based on large outdoor maps instead of the familiar "building full of terrorists" scenarios. Here are the links to all the latest screens.

Screens 1

Screens 2
Screens 3

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Q&A and Screenshots.

The Trenches have posted an interview with Christopher Reed, the Artificial Intelligence programmer, the article goes into a lot of details and is a must read for anyone waiting for Raven's ultra violent sequel. Read the full interview here…

Gamespy have also posted a few new screenshots, not particularly impressive but still worth a look.

Commandos 2 news.

Gamespot have posted new screenshots and the news that the game will now be shipping towards the end of September with a PSX2 version to follow. (Date not confirmed). Still nothing new on the huge demo, which is being kept, locked away for the time being. View here

Allied Assault movie.

Time for the weekly dose of Medal Of Honor from EA, part 3 of a 4 part in game movie series has been posted on the official site. Should the game have been just been called Saving Private Ryan? Ok, it looks fantastic but maybe a little more originality is called for.

If you haven't seen it already, grab the Quicktime movie here….

Operation Flashpoint patch & update.

The first patch has been released and includes a huge list of fixes and improvements, the update which includes new vehicles and missions is due on Friday. The complete readme for Version 1.10 can be found here….

Mirrors for the patch can be found here…

News Editor

Competition time
Thursday 2nd August 2001

As promised we will be running some competitions on the 11th August to coincide with our 1st birthday. Take2 have very kindly donated 5 copies of Max Payne which I can tell you is a fantastic game, (It had me up until 2:30am it's very addictive) and also 5 rune tee shirts. We also hope to be giving away a great new book about the SAS during WWII.

As well as all the prizes we will be opening many new pages for the site, these include:

Walkthrough for H&D (by Dvrabel and Fermat)
New Weapons pages (these pages have the full H&D2 weapons list with photo's.
New Vehicle pages (Now we have seperate pages for Allies and Axis)

More details of the competitions will be given next week.


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