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8/30 Players page & Multiplayer forum go live
8/26 Illusion Split
8/25 New quiz results
8/24 Forum poll
8/22 Results of poll
8/22 Official Hidden & Dangerous site opens
8/18 New Screenshots
8/18 New look to site
8/15 The story so far (part 2)
8/14 Voting poll
8/14 New Screenshots
8/13 Wartime radio
8/13 Quiz results
8/12 Site launch with great story

Players page goes live
Wednesday 30th August 2000

The players page is now active along with the multiplayer forum.

The page is designed so that you can easily find a H&D player to organise a multiplayer game. I was going to wait until the release of H&D2 but with so many people still playing H&D1 multiplayer, and all the requests for a page to find other players I thought it best to launch it now. Enjoy.

The multiplayer forum has also been activated today and is moderated by Sniper. Please use it to organise and chat about the multiplayer aspects of both H&D1 & H&D2, any other topic should be discussed on the general forum.

The clans page should also be operational shortly, so get those clans formed ready to do battle in the H&D2 league, and to challenge this sites clan :) More info on the league will follow after ECTS show next month.

.Illusion Split
Saturday 26th August 2000

Two of Illusionsoft staff have left to form their own company, Lonely Cat Interactive Entertainment. Lead programmer Michal bacik and lead designer/artist Radek Bouzek are apparently still on good terms with Illusion but how this will effect H&D2 is not certain.

They are currently working on a new title using the enhanced Insanity engine (H&D/FFF) with a team of six designers, this is first-person, character based but no more details yet. The game technology is owned by individuals rather than the company, so Illusion will continue using the LS3D engine, the H&D name will also stay. There is no official news but it must be a major blow to Illusion to lose them when Mafia and H&D2 are looking so promising.

.Quiz results
Friday 25th August 2000

Another quiz week ends, we had well over 100 entries but only 6 of you managed to get all 5 correct. First correct entry was Eric Reidelbach well done.
Other correct entries were from:

Bloated Pig (the only person to get 100% 2 weeks running)
Evan Danaher
Chuck Roast
Jim Nasium
Jay Wagner

New quiz questions are ready, good luck.

.Forum poll
Thursday 24th August 2000

I received an email today from illusion softworks thanking you all for voting in the scenario poll (they voted for Russia :) they also said they looked forward to the results of the weapon poll. So as you can see the poll is not just a bit of fun, the game programmers are very interested in what you want from H&D2. So if you have not already voted on the weapons poll go to the forum and vote now, your vote could change how the game is created.

.Results of poll
Tuesday 22nd August 2000

Thank you all for voting on the scenario poll. We asked which scenario you would most like to see in H&D2, you voted:

Africa 31%
France 30%
Russia 18%
Italy 14%
Germany 8%

These results will be sent to the game programmers. A new weapons poll has started, head over to the forum to vote.

.Official H&D site is open
Tuesday 22nd August 2000

The official Hidden & Dangerous site is open, whether or not it remains open is unclear at the moment, but at 7:30pm GMT I can tell you that its open. Most of the site is still under construction but its good to see that progress is being made and we are another day closer to the release of H&D2. Check it out here

.New Screenshots
Friday 18th August 2000

You may have noticed the mention of Illusions official H&D2 site in the news section last week, for some reason the site is still offline. Despite its brief appearance a lucky few were fortunate to have a sneak peek at the 11 screenshots in the gallery, they are the most detailed in-game shots released so far. Most of them have already been featured in the PCGamer developer diary although only as small images, the new screenshots show in much more detail the quality of the interior and exterior locations.

Some of the images seem to be of the interior of a submarine, (a sub based mission is high on most H&D fans most wanted list) one shows what appears to be a torpedo room the other is similar to the shot already posted in the screenshots section. The best of the bunch is probably the superbly modelled battleship, whether this is the base for a mission (as in the highly atmospheric 5th campaign in the original) or a backdrop is not clear. The exteriors are mostly wooded areas, there is no hint of the elusive North Africa campaign (if you haven't already voted for your most wanted H&D2 location please take some time and vote in the forum). The shots of buildings including the ruins are very detailed, a view of what appears to be a factory complex shows just how good the lighting and shadow effects are, something which promises to be a real feature in the game.

What are you waiting for, go check them out here

News by Fugue

.New look to the site
Friday 18th August 2000

As you can see we have made some major changes to the site, the buttons on the left are now in catagories making it easier to find the page you want.
1st set are General pages
2nd set are game pages
3rd set are multiplayer pages.
We have also changed the gun & ammo graphics and added a text scrol.

We think these changes are for the better, if you disagree and would like the page returned to its orignal form then please mail the webmaster here

.The story so far : update
Tuesday 15th August 2000

Early reports mentioned Illusion using their own motion capture studio for H&D2, but apparently they were to use Bohemia Interactive's (the people behind the amazing looking "Flashpoint") studio. According to Illusion they will now be using Ascension Technology Corporation "MotionStar" studios instead. Their technology uses magnetic trackers fixed to key points on the performers body and produces excellent results, companies such as Sega, Sony and Microsoft have all used MotionStar for game development.

Thanks Fugue for that update

.Voting poll
Monday 14th August 2000

While you are here please head over to the forum and vote on our poll. The results of all the polls will be sent direct to the programmers at Illusionsoftworks, so your vote could have a direct influence on how the game turns out.

The current poll is regarding scenario's for the game. With over 1000 hits on the site in the last 2 days we have only had 19 votes on the poll, so get voting it only takes a second.


.New Screenshots
Monday 14th August 2000

We have some new screenshots from Hidden & Dangerous 2, which look absolutely stunning. We will publish them here as soon as we get approval from Illusion softworks.

.Wartime Radio
Sunday 13th August 2000

A radio has been added to the start page (HOME) it requires flash4 to operate but should help set a more wartime theme to the site.

Thanks go to Mesh for doing the programming

.Quiz Results
Sunday 13th August 2000

well done to Bloated Pig the first person to score 5 correct answers. Keep those entries coming in as all correct submissions will get a mention before the questions are changed on Friday evening.

The answers will be displayed Friday on the quiz page.

Remember to put your name on every entry..

Other correct entries:


.Site Launch
Saturday 12th August 2000

The story so far

News has been appearing about the sequel for some time but the information is still sketchy at best, most of the following is from BI-monthly articles published in PCGamer magazine from interviews with Thomas "Sep" Pluharik the games lead designer.

A Few screenshots have been released recently with more on the way, these seem to be using the updated Insanity2 engine which has recently been dropped in favour of LS3D a new engine developed by the programmers. Illusion's other current project Mafia uses the same engine, the screenshots look stunning with an amazing level of detail.

The game will include more weather effects including fog which can hide you or your enemies, lighting and shadow effects have been improved along with many details which stood out in H&D. You will now be able to shoot through objects as well as destroy them and interact with the environment more (vague hint about using water) the trees have been remodelled and look even better than in the original.

Details about characters have yet to be released, there will be story line driven plot based around a central character, (apparently called Gary?) many more animations including women and children, and guard dogs that will track you by scent. The success of H&D has allowed Illusion to build a motion capture studio, a real anti-terrorist team has been used to create more realistic movements.

Many new weapons are planned including a silenced pistol, large calibre sniper rifle, garrotte and possibly a small portable mortar, it may be possible to use AAA or artillery which will need the assistance of other characters to operate. The enemy AI has also been improved so they will work together in groups, they are also more likely to dig in and take cover instead of providing an easy target, particularly in trenches or fortifications. No details on vehicles yet but apparently the design team have visited many museums to achieve the same level of historical detail as H&D.

The map mode will work with/without a pause in the game option and the controls interface has been redesigned to work with drop-down menus. There should be many more multiplayer options (up to 15 was speculated!) including TeamDM so presumably it will be possible to play as the German side. One or two articles have also mentioned the much sort after level editor but this is not certain.

Illusion have put the required system specs for Mafia as Pentium 3, 64-128mb RAM, 3D card with 16mb RAM, it would seem likely H&D2 will be along the same lines but will have scalability to run on lower spec systems. The game currently has a team of about 26 programmers and a possible Christmas release has been suggested but recent reports put it back to late February next year at the earliest, whilst none of this is set in stone things are looking promising for the sequel.

Any more breaking news and screenshots will be posted here as it appears.


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