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28/04 Site Announcement
26/04 New Poll
26/04 H&D2 at
24/04 H&D2 at Gamespot
21/04 H&D2 at Stomped
20/04 H&D2 at PCZone
20/04 Mafia Site is launched
19/04 Exclusive H&D2 Report is here
17/04 Modified H&D.dta for DB/FFF available
16/04 H&D2 Report
14/04 Hidden and Dangerous Editing Site Opens
08/04 H&D2, not just on your PC!
06/04 MAFIA
04/04 Exclusive first look & Latest Q&A

Site Announcement
Saturday 28th April 2001

To everyone sending in mails about the Movie/Screenshots mentioned in our report. Sorry but we still have not received anything from Take2, we are still constantly scouring the net for news and will keep you up to date.

It would really help to reduce the workload if we could just say any updates will be posted on the news page. Thanks.

With E3 just weeks away we hope the movie will be released soon, it may well depend on the whether a playable version is ready for the show, so please bear with us.

Mack & Fugue

New Poll
Thursday 26th April 2001

Here are the results of the last poll:

Hidden & Dangerous2 Poll
which game apart from H&D2 are you most looking forward to?"
Total Votes 304
 Mafia (53) 17%
 Flashpoint (91) 30%
 MOH: Allied Assault (23) 8%
 Sudden Strike addon (9) 3%
 Return to Wolfenstein (26) 9%
 WW2 Online (24) 8%
 Battlefield 1942 (44) 14%
 Team Fortress 2 (34) 11%

A new poll is now up, thanks for voting.


H&D2 at
Thursday 26th April 2001

Seems like everyone has screens coming out of their ears (except us of course), an Italian site has loads of new renders including more weapons, jeeps and planes. Check them out here.

Also one correction from yesterday, Gamespot quoted the release date for the PC version as early 2002, not the PSX2 version.

News Editor

H&D2 at Gamespot.
Tuesday 24th April 2001

We were very disappointed about not being able to bring you any new screenshots with our report (maybe the trick is not to ask :) but to make up for it Gamespot have a real scoop with 7 exclusive shots of some of the weapon models. Not all of the 20 screenshots in the gallery are new but the weapons are scattered about so browse through them. They also had a glimpse of the game in action and seem as enthusiastic as we were, they also mention a possible PSX2 release in early 2002.
View Report

News Editor

H&D2 at Stomped
Saturday 21st April 2001

Games site "Stomped" has put up an interview with Tomas "Sep" Pluharik and Illusions boss, Petr Vochozka.

Its pretty short but has some interesting quotes.
". The engine is also used for Mafia and another yet-unannounced project." From what we can tell E3 is certain to be an important event in H&D2's development, no mention of whether a playable version will make an appearance though.

News Editor

H&D2 at PCZone
Friday 20th April 2001
The UK PCZone magazine website has a brief look at H&D2 in their preview section, nothing particularly new but does have a previously unreleased screenshot from an earlier build. One bit of info mentions being able to control 2 dogs with your team in multiplayer mode, maybe players will have to watch out for more than just the enemy when crawling around in H&D2 :)
Also cleaned out the links page by removing dead sites. I have also added new links to other Wargame fan sites as well as news sites. Check it out.

News Editor

Mafia Site
Friday 20th April 2001

We are temporarily hosting a new mafia fan site, its called MafiaWorld. The site is up and running now, its not complete but its a start. The game deserves a good site to keep everyone up to speed on the latest news and events in the Mafia World.


Exclusive 9 page H&D2 Report
Thursday 19th April 2001

Well the wait is over, at long last our H&D2 report is here, it covers everything from the movie to the release date. The report was compiled by Fugue and myself and is 9 pages long. The report is not a preview as it was not based on any finished code, it is more of a first look at how H&D2 is shaping up.

We did promise you new screenshots and the full weapons list, sadly these have not arrived from Take2 and we think you have been patient long enough. We try to answer many of your questions in the report and we do give an honest opinion.

So sit back and enjoy our rather long but enjoyable report on what looks like being one of the best games you will ever play, Hidden and Dangerous 2. REPORT


Tuesday 17th April 2001

I have just received word from the H&D editing site that they have just finished the new player mod for FFF/DB. This is the same modification that they made for H&D (100% full stats on all players), but now its available for FFF/DB. Click here to get it.


H&D2 Report
Monday 16th April 2001

I must apologise for the very late arrival of our Hidden and Dangerous 2 report, the delay has been out of our hands . The good news is that we will be bringing you our full report on Thursday 19th April (this Thursday). We can not guarentee any new screenshots but we can bring you some news on the official H&D2 Movie.

We also may be making a statement about the future of this web site.


H&D Editing Site
Saturday 14th April 2001

A new site dedicated to editing Hidden and Dangerous has just opened, its called
Sals Hidden and Dangerous Research Centre Although the site has no edited Hidden and Dangerous missions available to download yet, it does have editors available to download and many tips on how to use them. It also has a dat file that gives your men 100% of every ability (thats worth a download).

We will be keeping an eye on this site for any future downloads. I have updated the links page with a new section on editing, I have also added some other H&D editing links.


H&D2, not just on your PC!
Sunday 8th April 2001

Although not confirmed at our recent visit to Take2, Illusion Softworks have stated Hidden & Dangerous 2 is set to released on Playstation2 and Microsoft X-Box (subject to MS approval). At the Press conference last month in Prague the PSX2 development tool was on show, although Mafia has been announced in UK PSX magazines this is the first confirmation we have seen about H&D2.

News Editor

Friday 6th April 2001

The first of our many reports is finished, its the Mafia report. I know you are all itching to see the Hidden and dangerous 2 reports but they are not ready yet, once we finish a report it has to be checked by Take2, it all takes time, please be patient.

The reason we are doing a Mafia report on the site is beacuse both games use the same engine, models, and certain other goodies such as vehicle coding. Besides we got to see it in action and it just blew us away. So read all about this remarkable game right here.

We are about 1/3 through all the H&D2 stuff, to give you an idea of how much work we have to do, read the mafia report and then times it by 10. We are also waiting for some H&D2 screenshots, we hope to have them early next week.


Exclusive first look & Latest Q&A
Wednesday 4th April 2001

Its hard to know where to start, we have so much information from today's visit when we had the chance to view the latest H&D2 code at the Take2's studio in Windsor. We hope to complete the write up within a week so please bear with us, a lot of work is involved in putting a detailed report on the visit together. The following is a summary of the game features that we will be covering/including in the report. (Most of the details we have are previously unpublished)

Exclusive new screenshots.
Multiplayer features.
LS3D engine and motion capture.
Artificial Intelligence.
Weapons (including a complete finalised list of the weapons in H&D2!).
Weather effects.
Tactical map.
System specifications.
Official video.
E3 & ECTS.

Please be patient! We will not be releasing any details at the moment so please do not request information by e-mail or on the forums, the more time we have to put the news together the sooner you can read it. Many thanks to Andrew Morley, Amy Curtin and all at Take2 for making the visit possible.

News Editor

While we were at Take2 we received our Q&A session answers, I have uploaded them in full to the FAQ page, there is enough new information here to keep you going until we finish the report on our visit. View the FAQ here.


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